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Apr 7, 2007 04:19 PM

Erie PA - where to eat?

I will be spending next weekend in Erie PA - where to eat?

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  1. For lunch, go to the German Market, 22nd or 23rd and German. They offer sandwiches made on hard pretzels. For dinner, check the newspaper, many of the local ethnic clubs offer fried perch dinners - can't be beat!

    1. Will be in Erie Sept 18 to 20th - any more recommendations? To eat, to bring home, to "stock" the hotel room all welcome!

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        What are your food preferences? I have lived in Erie for almost 10 years and my Hubby is a native( more or less) and i have never heard of the German Market.. but who knows?
        Either way what kind of food do you like and are you super picky?
        Any food allergies?

        1. re: Phenuala

          No food allergies, enjoy all kinds of food. Here in Phila I have a lot of Italian, followed closely by "american" both new and old, French and Asian. Not huge on Indian, but if it is really good...Basically I like really well prepared food, preferably local and seasonal. Thanks in Advance!

        2. re: Bigley9

          From many past trips to Erie (but not within the past year), I enjoyed Pufferbelly, 414 French St., downtown and, for lunch, Molly Brannigan's. Paper Moon, also downtown, was recommended but it was snowing hard and we didn't get to go there. If you are going to North East wine country, the Freeport at Rts. 5 & 89 is great for breakfast. They smoke their own bacon. More upscale is the Stone House (I think) on the west side. Also, downtown, eat at the waterfront for fried perch. There are a couple of places there. The place called the Waterfront was the most expensive of them but it is the only one that I can remember the name.