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Apr 7, 2007 04:04 PM

Everett and Jones - Bad ribs and service

I tried Everett and Jones BBQ in Hayward, CA for the first time today. I was VERY disappointed.

The ribs were expensive for what I got, over $8.00 for a SMALL order. The ribs were fatty, full of grissle, and the meat was charred.

The customer service was terrible. The staff is behind a plexiglass window. You have to shout to be heard. The guy that waited on me seemed annoyed at taking my order. Seemed like he did not want my business.

I will NOT go back to Everett and Jones again.

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  1. The first Chowhound event I attended was a blind BBQ tasting (coordinated by Ruth Lafler). Since she had heard some people say that not all sites of a chain were the same, she snuck in food from two different Everett and Jones sites. One of them won top honors, the other got no votes at all.
    Just so you know-- don't assume they are all alike.

    1. I ate at a E and J resturant before it burned down in Modesto. Totally unimpressive enough to keep me away from the sites in the East Bay.

      Ribs in the East Bay-- haven't had decent ones in the 20 years I have lived in California. Just my Chicago/Mississippi bias I guess.

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        I hear Bo's BBQ in Lafayette is supposed to be pretty good.

      2. Anyone tried the new E & J in Alameda?

        In the plaza at the corner of Atlantic and Main, right before you hit the Alameda Point entrance plaza and next to a donut shop ... that's all I know.