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Apr 7, 2007 04:03 PM

Atlanta: what can you tell me about CHOPS steak house

I hear it's good. How good and in what ways?? what are the best menu items??

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  1. There are at least 3 high end steakhouses in a three mile radius. Chops is excellent, Downstairs from Chops is the Lobster Bar with the most amazing lobster and shrimp ever. The steaks at Chops are excellent. Typical Steakhouse fare.

    1. My experiences at Chops have all been just okay nothing stellar. The steaks have been okay, the service has been less than okay.
      I would rather go to Bones any day.

      1. Look up the Captial Grill on the web...right in Buckhead.

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          Chops is part of Buckhead Life Group. I have never been overwhelmed; but you can be assured that it will be consistent:
          if i were to rate the steakhouses in Atlanta:
          McKendrick's is number 1, Blue Ridge Grill 2, Capital Grille 3. Bones treated me like a 2nd class citizen when i was there for a wine dinner; so even though it is supposedly the best steak in the city; i will never go back.