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Apr 7, 2007 03:47 PM

Best Fish Tacos in Fruitvale ... or best tacos.

I did a search and found some threads 3-5 years old so I thought I'd ask the question again.

After being in SoCal a couple of weeks ago I'd really like some fish tacos. There's the two taco trucks parked at 37th/International (at the old A&W) that use to be it still?

Beyond, any places for decent tacos? I've been to El Huarache Azteca and it's sister Otaez...didn't really dig it and ordered just about everything w/ 3 diners.

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  1. SoCal style fish tacos are rare in this area. I think the trucks you mentioned are the Sinaloa trucks at the old A&W at 22nd (not 37th) and International. They haven't changed, as far as I know.

    Or, you could be thinking of Mariscos la Costa on 37th and International.

    I know Sinaloa has fish tacos, not sure about Mariscos la Costa (although with a name like that, you'd think so); but none of the fish tacos in Fruitvale are the same style as the Baja/SoCal fish tacos.

    Actually, you might try La Cenaduria de Ana Rosa farther down International at 48th. I think they do fish tacos in that style.

    El Huarache Azteca and Otaez are not related in any way beyond being on the same block. There is another branch of Otaez in Alameda.

    The best tacos ... well, I like taco truck tacos, even though they don't have fresh tortillas. My two favorites are the carnitas tacos and tripas tacos at El Novillo (parking lot of Guadalajara restaurant, Fruitvale @ E. 12th and the pastor tacos and suardero tacos at El Gordo, 42nd and International (across International from Burger King) -- they're only there nights and weekends. El Ojo de Agua (the other corner of Fruitvale and E. 12th) also makes excellent tacos.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Thanks RL. I went by Sinaloa. They're the same as before...but not SoCal, just different but only $1.25. Drove by Mariscos la Costa, seems they specialize in ceviche, hence the name. Grabbed a couple of $1 tacos (al pastor and carne asada)...they were just okay. Again for $1, hard to complain.

      Oh well, guess it's one of those things I can only get in SoCal so I'll leave it at that. I will however have to check out La Cenaduria de Ana Rosa. Also will check out Los Contaros on San Pablo.

      1. re: ML8000

        Since we're moving away from Fruitvale ... I think the place(s) that come closest are sister restaurants ... one on Shattuck just north of Ashby and one on Piedmont Ave. The one on Shattuck is called Taqueria la Familia -- not sure about the one on Piedmont, but they have a neon sign in the window that says "fish tacos."

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I use to live near Taqueria la Familia... nice people. The fish tacos were okay. Any way, it's good to know there's a few places. I won't belabor a SoCal thing, just like the ones here and also get some when I'm go down there.

          1. re: ML8000

            Try the tacos al pastor at Taqueria San Jose. 35th/International.

        2. re: ML8000

          Also away from Fruitvale (and more like $3), but I recall rworange liking the fish tacos from La Calaca Loca (51st/Telegraph in Oakland).


          1. re: megek

            Yeah, thanks for mentioning La Calaca Loca.

            Not SCFT, not Oakland, but one of the tastiest I've had is at Plaza Girabaldi on the corner of 23rd and MacDonald in Richmond. It is probably one of the few truly good things they make.

      2. If you haven't had an El Huarache Azteca chicken tinga sope or huarache, gordita de chicharron, or barbacoa de borrego ("smoked lamb," weekends only), you should go back.

        Not the place for tacos or fish.