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Apr 7, 2007 03:13 PM

Looking for smoked eel

Hi! I've been searching for smoked eel for my 85 year old Lithuanian father for a few years now and have had no success. I've had him try Asian style eel, but it is far too sweet for his tastes (though I love it!) I think what he wants is Baltic style. Fresh would be prefferd, but I'm willing to give anything a try!
If anyone knows where I might be able to purchse some in the GTA or surronding area (I'd even be willing to make a road trip a few hours away if necessary) We also frequent Niagara Falls and Buffalo every few months.
Thanks in advance for any leads!

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  1. I'd love to find smoked eel in Toronto as well. Haven't had any since my last visit to Riga, about 12 years go. There's a catering company at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre -- you might try asking them:
    Good luck, and please report back if you get your hands on the slippery suckers.

    1. Brandt Meats in Mississauga carries a range of smoked fish. I'd also try North Fish in Etobicoke(corner of Shawbridge+Six Point, just east of Kipling)--nice range of smoked/cured fish. Mike's Fish, also in Etobicoke, might be able to help, too.

      1. On the south-east corner of Finch & Bathurst is a strip mall with a good Russian deli - I don't know its name, never did, and hope it's still there after the 3 years I'm gone. They had a big range of cheeses and smoked fish for such a small shop - try there. If they don't have the eel, go for the halava and your trip won't be wasted.

        1. Back in my university days (15 years ago) I used to get smoked eel at the St Jacobs famers market. I know they still have a dutch vendor there selling herring and such so he still may have eel.

          Also I know there are some dutch shops in hamilton that would probably carry smoked eel. (I have been told that most of the eels caught from the St Lawrence end up in Holland to be smoked)

          Here is a list of dutch shops I found online.. probably shuld call first...
          The Dutch Shop 52 Main Street West Grimsby 1-800-975-4227
          Brantford Dutch Shop - Mohawk Plaza, Brantford, Ontario N3S 3M8 (519)752-2163
          Broadway Meats & Deli, Hwy #9 on 3rd Line, Orangeville, ON
          Burlington Dutch Shop, 3019 New Str. Roseland Plaza, Burlington, Ontario L7R 1K3 (905)634-8231
          D Dutch Deli 1362 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON
          Delca Store, 152 Grays Rd., Stoney Creek, ON
          The Dutch Shop, 641 Colborne East, Mohawk Plaza, Brantford, ON (519)752-2163The Dutch Shop, 3019 New St., Roseland Plaza, Burlington, ON 905-634-8231 The Dutch Shop 52 Main Street, West in Grimsby, Ontario L3M 1R4, (905)945-3688
          Dutch Toko European Imports, Mountain Plaza Mall, Hamilton, ON (905) 383-2981
          Holland Imports, 2155 Steeles Ave East, Brampton (905)792-2888
          Holland Shop, 71 Mill East, Acton, ON (519)853-0950
          Holland Store 2542 Weston Road, Weston, ON
          Links Food, 21 King St. W., Dundas, ON

          Let me know if you find it!

          1. I totally know where you can get smoked eel but it's in Hancock, New York (just off Route 17). I know this because I was driving to New York City and saw a big sign for SMOKED FISH and, well, of course, had to follow it. Which lead me on a circuitous journey through the back roads of Hancock NY, getting more and more back-roadish every second - the hand painted signs nailed to the trees every so often read: EEL. I was just glad I wasn't alone - especially when we reached the end of the road. There it was: The Smokehouse. And out he came: basically we're talking Hell's Angels go gourmet. I ended up buying two sides of salmon (one hot smoked, one cold smoked) a single smoked eel and a handful of smoked shrimp (for the car). DELICIOUS. All of it! At first we felt we were lucky we escaped with our lives, but actually it turned out we were just plain lucky. I'll stop there again next time!


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              That sounds amazing! Ray Turner sounds like a real interesting character... I'll definitely check this place out the next time I'm driving to NYC.

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                Just make sure your tires are in good shape and your car has some clearance. It's a hilarious trip.

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                the eel was excellent. you have to try the smoked duck. best ive ever had