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La Divina Gelateria

Adrienne Apr 7, 2007 03:04 PM

I just tried this new place on Magazine and was very impressed. Their gelatos and sorbets had excellent texture, and a fun combination of funky new flavors (not as crazy as Creole Creamery, but they had a carrot flavor, a balsamic strawberry, and an Earl Grey tea with crushed tea biscuits when I was there, all delicious -- they let you taste) as well as traditional Italian gelateria flavors like chocolate, vanilla and pistachio.

Also they have 4 types of sandwiches (I think they may rotate types) and salad there.


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    mikey Apr 9, 2007 12:28 PM

    I cannot get enough of it. I have been now about 7 times and I almost avoid Magazine and 7th St. just because I cannot resist stopping in. So far, my favorites have been the almond brittle gelato, the dark chocolate, and the tahitian vanilla. I love it so much that I talked to the owner for a while last week. They use all fresh ingredients and they use local, Smithfield Creamery dairy products. I have never been a big fan of Creole Creamery as I find it too chemically flavored.

    1. h
      Hungry Celeste Apr 9, 2007 12:47 PM

      How does it compare to the new gelato shop on Oak Street, or to the Gold Standard of Brocato's?

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        mikey Apr 11, 2007 08:58 AM

        I have passed that Gelato shop on Oak St. a bunch of times but it was always an off time and they were not open or I was just too full. In any case, I should try it. I do love Brocatos though so unfortunately I cannot compare. La Divina is more edgy in the flavors with high creativity unlike the traditional Brocato's. I like them both. Divina has interesting flavors like Earl Grey tea, Chocolate with cayenne ( I never enjoy that mix of peppery spice and chocolate, sorry), grapefruit/campari, and that fabulous almond brittle I mentioned. The fresh ingredients really make a difference and the consistency is the real thing. The sandwiches looked unappealing to me as they were pre-made behind a glass counter but perhaps they freshly press them in the back and I don't know about it. I enjoyed the creativity more than Brocato's but they are both very good. I must give the place on Oak Street a try.

        1. re: mikey
          skiwebster Apr 11, 2007 10:07 AM

          I live around the corner from la divina and have been there a couple of times. while it is good, i also feel that it is extremely expensive (a medium gelato costs over 5 bucks, a small i think is a little under 4 dollars).

          there is another gelato place opening up about 4 doors down, called sucre. Its supposed to be open within the month. I'll be curious to see if competition will cause the prices to change.

          1. re: skiwebster
            rchill Apr 11, 2007 11:17 AM

            I completely agree that La Divina is extremely expensive but at the end of the day I find it truly worth it... It is one of the few gelaterias in New Orleans that remind me of europeans establishments. I think this is because of the fresh ingredients as mentioned previously. I also think the environment is great. It is open, clean and fresh. I am looking forward to the opening on Sucre, which is actually a sweet shop with specialty baked goods. I think that they will offer gelato but it is not there specialty. There was a 2-page editorial in the living section in the TP discussing the chef and their ideas, I've included a passage for reference (see below).....La Divinia has nothing to worry about.

            "Sucre will have gelato when it opens later this spring at 3025 Magazine St. -- plus high-end pastries, chocolates and coffee drinks. But with a menu of more than 70 items, it seems nearer in style to the dessert-only restaurants opening in other cities. And Sucre will have something unique: Joel Dondis says Sucre's chocolate-enrobing machine is the only one like it between Florida and Arizona."

            Dondis, a caterer who co-owns La Petite Grocery, has been working on the concept for three years. Sucre is co-owned by pastry chef Tariq Hanna, and the assistant pastry chef is Megan Roen Forman, who used to be pastry chef at Bayona.

            1. re: rchill
              Hungry Celeste Apr 16, 2007 09:28 AM

              Divina is great...grapefruit/campari, blood orange, strawberry/balsamic sorbets were wonderful. Not overly sweetened, with bright, distinct flavors. Pistachio & mint straciatella gelatos also terrific. Esp the mint, which had a clear, clean, grassy, fresh mint flavor. Even my mint-hating companion liked it; pronounced it free of the synthetic "toothpaste" mint extract flavor.

          2. re: mikey
            JGrey Apr 11, 2007 11:56 AM

            The place on Oak St (Gelato Pazzo or something like that) is really excellent. I think it is better than Brocato's, but only by a little bit, and I really love Brocato's. It's about $3 for a small. The pear is phenomenal. The panini are very good, too, though $9 is a lot.

            The irritating thing with Pazzo is their hours, they aren't open when I feel like gelato (say, 7:30 on a Friday or Saturday night), and 2 or 3 times I have gone and been turned away because of a private party. I think they could be doing huge business on weekend evenings, I hope they figure this out soon.

            And I agree with you about creole creamery, I just don't like it that much. It has a weird gooey texture. I actually prefer a pint of Haagen Dazs .

            1. re: JGrey
              Vincent Apr 17, 2007 12:52 AM

              Gelato Pazzo Caffe on Oak Street has modified it's hours!
              Monday - Thursday 11AM - 9PM
              Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM
              Closed Sunday

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