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Apr 7, 2007 02:59 PM

Limonz Rostizados in Pacific Beach

Hey fellow hounds,
I want to out a restaurant that opened several months ago in Pacific Beach. It is Limonz Rostizados. Rostizados means roast and roast they do. They have a high tech oven that performs the roasting under both steam and dry heat. With it they roast a mean marinated chicken. You can get a half chicken with house made tortillas and two sides for $6.99. They also have marinated ribs that are cooked over an open grill. Ribs are $8.99 for pork, and $9.99 for beef with two sides and tortillas. Chicken and rib combos are $12.99 for pork, and $13.99 for beef, also including two sides and tortillas. What I really dig are the tacos. For $2.50 you get an 8 inch tortilla with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or cheese. Now the fun really starts, because you get to choose from a dazzling array of condiments. My two personal favorites are; pablano chile rajas (sauteed poblano chili strips mixed with roasted bell peppers and onions, and then cooked in cream and cheese), and, Fideos Secos (angel hair pasta in a spicy tomato-chipotle sauce). Keep in mind these are condiments for the tacos and burritos. Sound a little crazy, sure. Does it work? Oh yes. Tacos or burritos with with one these two concoctions, combined with a host of other additions you get to choose from (think assembly line like at Togo's or Subway), are my new favorite late night treat (did I mention the are open until 3am? you have to love that). Limonz also has an interesting selection of home made salsas; achiote, tomato-chipotle, cilantro-tomatillo, guacamole style, mango-habanero, coconut-ginger, spicy peanut, and mole. My personal favorite is the mango-habanero, hot and sweet, I could eat this stuff on cardboard. They also have soups, salads, queso fundido, fries, and churros. The owners Bobby and Juan Pasalagua are from Mexico City. The interior is a complete remodle of the existing space, and it is very clean, and pretty hip. This place has been flying under the chowhound radar for months now, and I am not sure why. I live a couple blocks away so I guess it is fitting for me to out this place to my fellow hounds. I am curious,has anyone else from this board has paid Limonz a visit?

Limonz Rostizados
978 Garnet Ave. (at Cass St.)
(858) 605-0093

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  1. looks great...wanna try it

    1. this looks delish! do you know what their hours are? it's not on the website.

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      1. re: daantaat

        Here you are:
        Tues-Sat 11am-3am
        Sun-Mon 11am-9pm
        Breakfast Sat & Sun from 7am

      2. Believe it or not, I tried this place out, and thought it was pretty the tomato-chipotle salsa. I just got the chicken because there's a coupon in the in the Get 1 Free Magazine that usually ends up in the trash.

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        1. re: KirkK

          KK, if you thought the chicken was pretty good, you should have tried the ribs. Not authentic BBQ, but very tender, meaty and flavorful. I was surprised. We liked the chicken even if it was a little overcooked but the ribs weren't and they really hit the spot. Had fun gnawing on the bone too ;-)

        2. Hey CP,

          I passed this place at least 20 times and just wondered. The name confused me…easy to do. And like Kirk, I had a 2 for 1 coupon sitting around the place for over a month for the chicken.

          Now because of you, I must try this place. Thanks for the insight for a place in my own neighborhood!

          1. The original comment has been removed