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Limonz Rostizados in Pacific Beach

Hey fellow hounds,
I want to out a restaurant that opened several months ago in Pacific Beach. It is Limonz Rostizados. Rostizados means roast and roast they do. They have a high tech oven that performs the roasting under both steam and dry heat. With it they roast a mean marinated chicken. You can get a half chicken with house made tortillas and two sides for $6.99. They also have marinated ribs that are cooked over an open grill. Ribs are $8.99 for pork, and $9.99 for beef with two sides and tortillas. Chicken and rib combos are $12.99 for pork, and $13.99 for beef, also including two sides and tortillas. What I really dig are the tacos. For $2.50 you get an 8 inch tortilla with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or cheese. Now the fun really starts, because you get to choose from a dazzling array of condiments. My two personal favorites are; pablano chile rajas (sauteed poblano chili strips mixed with roasted bell peppers and onions, and then cooked in cream and cheese), and, Fideos Secos (angel hair pasta in a spicy tomato-chipotle sauce). Keep in mind these are condiments for the tacos and burritos. Sound a little crazy, sure. Does it work? Oh yes. Tacos or burritos with with one these two concoctions, combined with a host of other additions you get to choose from (think assembly line like at Togo's or Subway), are my new favorite late night treat (did I mention the are open until 3am? you have to love that). Limonz also has an interesting selection of home made salsas; achiote, tomato-chipotle, cilantro-tomatillo, guacamole style, mango-habanero, coconut-ginger, spicy peanut, and mole. My personal favorite is the mango-habanero, hot and sweet, I could eat this stuff on cardboard. They also have soups, salads, queso fundido, fries, and churros. The owners Bobby and Juan Pasalagua are from Mexico City. The interior is a complete remodle of the existing space, and it is very clean, and pretty hip. This place has been flying under the chowhound radar for months now, and I am not sure why. I live a couple blocks away so I guess it is fitting for me to out this place to my fellow hounds. I am curious,has anyone else from this board has paid Limonz a visit?

Limonz Rostizados
978 Garnet Ave. (at Cass St.)
(858) 605-0093

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  1. looks great...wanna try it

    1. this looks delish! do you know what their hours are? it's not on the website.

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      1. re: daantaat

        Here you are:
        Tues-Sat 11am-3am
        Sun-Mon 11am-9pm
        Breakfast Sat & Sun from 7am

      2. Believe it or not, I tried this place out, and thought it was pretty good....love the tomato-chipotle salsa. I just got the chicken because there's a coupon in the in the Get 1 Free Magazine that usually ends up in the trash.

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          KK, if you thought the chicken was pretty good, you should have tried the ribs. Not authentic BBQ, but very tender, meaty and flavorful. I was surprised. We liked the chicken even if it was a little overcooked but the ribs weren't and they really hit the spot. Had fun gnawing on the bone too ;-)

        2. Hey CP,

          I passed this place at least 20 times and just wondered. The name confused me…easy to do. And like Kirk, I had a 2 for 1 coupon sitting around the place for over a month for the chicken.

          Now because of you, I must try this place. Thanks for the insight for a place in my own neighborhood!

          1. isn't there a similar 'roast' place at the corner of Felspar and Mission Blvd--is that any good (sorry, cannot recall the name).

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            1. re: El Chevere

              Pacific Rotisserie,
              Basic rotisserie chicken, but tasty none the less. The cops seem to love this place.

              1. re: Captain Jack

                *Always* go where you see cops, mailmen and delivery guys (UPS/FedEx) eating. You will never have a bad meal.

              2. re: El Chevere

                We stopped in during the PB restaurant walk this spring and were not terribly impressed. The chicken didn't have much flavor, and came with some lackluster mashed potatoes and gravy.

                1. re: menuinprogress

                  Which place? Limmonz or Pacific Rotisserie?

                  1. re: jturtle

                    Pacific Rotisserie.

                    I tried Limonz on the same restaurant walk evening and liked it. Didn't try the roast chicken, though. We had tacos.