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Apr 7, 2007 02:42 PM


Good burger, a flavor cross between Fat Burger and In & Out, a bit to much mustard for my liking, would not do again. Burger King used make a good burger. The taco cochinita pibil was excellent!

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  1. I like the cochinita pibil best in the soft taco and the carne asada best in the burrito. It's weird but after eating the cochinta pibli taco the smell stays on your hands for a couple of hours and then you get hungry for it all over again.

    A couple of years ago in the LA Times Food Section Yuca's was listed as having one of the best burgers in LA. I have never tried it, however, since I never can deviate from the aforemention taco and burrito (once I got a torta there and it was not so good).

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      It was just to much mustard for me, I can take mustard on a Fat Burger but this was to just to much mustard for me. I need to go back to Burrito King and try their burgers again, my mother was a burger afficianado herself, wonder where I got it from, loved the burgers there. It has been 5-7 years since I have had a burger there, but I would put it up against Yucas burger any day. The rest of the menu, well, the people at the James Beard Foundation know what they talk about! I have a friend, to this day, he swears the tuna melt from Jay's Jay Burgers was the best in the City! I believe him! All Burrito King references refer to the Silver Lake/Hyperion Blvd. location.

    2. Indeed, one of the most underrated items at Yuca's is the burger.

      I am convinced that the burger patties soak up the juices on the grill used to cook the asada and what-nots for their more noted Mexican varieties ... giving the burgers that extra kick ...

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        I will buy that theory, i was so hyped to get one after reading someones post and i guess i was let down. Also, NO TAMALES, what is going on, let me check, yes it is saturday. Saturday=Tamale Day Tamale Day+Burger Boy=Happy Burger Boy

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          In addition to ips comment, for sure they place the patties right on the same sweet spot as the carne asada. In fact, I also think they dip the burgers in the same carne asade marinade to give it some personality. Althought the edges of the patty are burnt crisp, you don't get the feeling that it's overcooked. God those burgers are so good. My stomach just growled.

        1. re: mojoeater

          yeah dude they are $2. but the thing is, economically it is cheaper to get their double cheeseburger for $3 something.... i'm afraid it might ruin the perfect single chs burger portion. know what i mean??? if i want more.... i order two single orders.