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Apr 7, 2007 02:20 PM

New Rest. in Wilm. Little Italy -- Pomodoro's?

Has anyone been yet? It's where the mexican sit-down restaurant used to be on Union St. (near 8th St., I think). Saw the 'now open' sign this afternoon; don't think it's been open long...

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  1. Was there last Wednesday! All the cooks are from Naples, very friendly, all came out and discussed the dishes with us(2 of us). We were the third table for opening night!
    We each had a salad; I had the grilled calamari-excellent flavors, with white beans, tomatoes, etc. Delicious! Friend had the Salmon, very thinly sliced under green salad, very fresh, not fishy at all. For entrees, I had the meatballs made with veal, pork and mortadella over mashed potatoes with tomato gravy. Very good and friend had penne with calamaretti(?)-looked like squid to me!-he said very good as well. Only complaint was the portions were a bit small, but the food was so good, we both said we would be back to try more. The menu was different than the red gravy places in the area, more experimental. I should have mentioned the small portions as they kept asking how everything was, but I didn't! Oh, well, mabye next time. Anyway, well worth the effort to go and try it out. Let me know your opinion if you go, Spy!

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      Thanks! This does sound better than other local Italian spots that offer little more than what you can toss together in your kitchen on a weeknight... Question: Do you recall much on the menu that might be considered veg-friendly (no fish)?

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        Hmm, y'know, I really can't think of any. Like I said, the dishes were a little different, including not having any just regular "sauce" dishes without some kind of meat or seafood included. You might give them a call, tho, because I wasn't actively looking for that...

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          Thx -- will stop by and take a look at the menu next time I'm walking over to El Toro... (Doesn't look like they have a website yet.)

    2. Plan to go on Sunday afternoon, do they have wine?

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        Yes, they have an extensive wine list and even a sommelier who will come out and discuss pairings with you. I did not have wine on the night i went, so I can't vouch for the pricing...

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          Well they are not open on Sunday's, yet anyway, when asked they said they would be open 7 days a week but I have tried twice on Sundays and they are not open. Will try again sometime.

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            I ate lunch there on Tuesday and had a nice meal. The decor is a step up from the previous restaurant.

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              I had lunch there last week also and it was delicious. I had the grilled italian sausage entree while my friend had the pork cutlets. The cutlets were a little dry but they had good flavor. The sausage was wonderful. We also got the monkfish sandwich made into an appetizer and that was sooo tasty. We're definately going back.

              Only thing was that we got there about 11:45 when the sign said it was open at 11:30 but they still had the doors locked. We had to call to get them to open it but it was worth it.