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Apr 7, 2007 01:57 PM

Providence RI

We're going to be in Providence at mid-April. Any recommendations on excellent food, fun restaurants for "foodies"?

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  1. For fun, you might consider visiting the Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum. A guided tour is a must, very interesting. Cassarino's on Federal Hill is a popular Italian restaurant. You'll also want to visit a bakery and maybe the grocer for imported ingredients. Since we roamed Federal Hill with a friend, I don't remember the names of the places we visited.

    1. 10 Steak and Sushi is damn good and right downtown. In Federal Hill get to Venda Ravioli for lunch.
      You'll have a blast there.

      1. For foodies I'd suggest Nick's on Broadway (b/l/d). I can't say enough about this place - had lunch there today.....a sandwich of herb-crusted tofu w/baby spinach, roasted red peppers, black olive tapanade and goat cheese on grilled french bread. W/a side of home fries....mixed white & sweet potatoes.

        Agree w/Venda for lunch. Also La Laiterie on Wayland Ave. I'm probably in the minority but I'm not a fan of Cassarino's OR 10 Steak & Sushi. I don't think either is bad, but uninspired (Cassarino's) and overrated (10).

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          I agree with JaneRI on 10 Steak and Sushi. I've been there twice and wasn't thrilled either time. Very lackluster food with exorbitant prices. I also agree with Nick's on Broadway. That place is delicious! For brunch, though, expect a very long wait.

          on the Hill, I prefer Pane E Vino. Downtown I prefer the Red Fez or Pot au Feu!

        2. Foodies looking for fun? Gotta go to Venda.

          1. Apsara's on public street (not the one on hope st in east side). Theres a thread somewhere with recommended dishes. Someone who knows apsara better than I do might recommend some. Im ussually lost when I order t here because of the pan-asian big menu but I ahve had some really great stuff and other things that are just ok.

            For other asian food you might also want to check out Solomon's market (korean).

            If the idea of pork with littleneck clams sounds good to you go to east providence for some portugese, estrella do mar or madeira.

            I have heard good things about chez pascal but a lot of the so called finer restaurants in providence are pretty mediocre so be cautious.

            Nick's on broadway is a must and venda's ravioli is also very good.

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            1. re: Sambossanova

              True enough about "so called finer restaurants" coasting into mediocrity but do you know this for a fact about Chez Pascal? If so, that was quick - Only a few months ago I thought dinner for 2 was was well worth the 3 digits and I'm a cheapskate!

              1. re: atheorist

                I have not been yet. But the menu looks very good and I have heard from other people that it is good. I actually had a good salad at Bravo Brasserie the other day, which was surprisingly good.

              2. re: Sambossanova

                Chez Pascal is not one of the many "so called finer restaurants" in town. it belongs to a small contingent of places that are really doing it, and it's worth every penny. Matt, the chef, buys whole animals and processes them himself, all the way down to terrines, sausages, cured meats and the like. he makes a amazing true duck confit as well. if you don't mind dropping a few dollars, it's pretty much my favorite place in town.

                La Laiterie at Farmstead Cheese is also quite good--much more casual and not so elaborate, but delicious and very fun.

                Give us more direction if you want more specific recommendations.