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Apr 7, 2007 01:45 PM

What to order at Euzkadi?

Found no post on the topic since 2005. An ominous sign for sure. Nevertheless, we're going tonight: what's not to be missed and what's to be avoided? Tapas or entrees both work.

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  1. i know its after the fact but i have guests from out of town who want me to them to this place for the tuesday night flamenco dinner...i hesitate to take guests somehere i havn't been- i'd love to know how your dinner was, hopefully you're still checking the board!

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      Eek. Although I'm not the OP, I was there recently and had an extremely mediocre dinner. I was expecting more - the place looked cute, the menu looked right, and the name of the place was perfect for what we wanted. Arrived at 8pm on Friday to a near-empty place - should have been a sign. Service was spotty, as was the food. The croquettes were OK. The sardines tasted slightly off. The goat cheese was good but it's really hard to foul up deep fried goat cheese. The sangria was too sweet and far overpriced. We took a friend from out of town there - a place we had never been - and I was sorely dissappointed - luckily we made it up with other places that were tried and true. There's much better tapas out there.

      1. re: mjps2

        thanks so much for the review! that is so helpful and we will definitely avoid! i had a bad feeling about this place....thanks again :)

        1. re: mjps2

          Hey, I am the OP. It was fine, though a bit pricey. The tab for the sangria was, indeed, quite steep. I sampled many dishes and found the beef to be, by far, the best. The rest - croquettes, chorizo, fried goat cheese, scallops - were fine, but nothing special. I wouldn't avoid the place, but didn't see a reason to rush back at all.