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Apr 7, 2007 01:41 PM

Onion String Reco - Ya Wouldn't Believe Where

So, I love onion strings, even better, when dipped in tartar sauce. Go figure. Anyway, I've recently tasted them at NY Burger Co. and Rub . NY Burger supposedly has been voted as having the best onion strings. Ummmm...these were really greasy and mushy all three times that I've tried them. They were also, more or less, tasteless .

Then we tried them at Rub twice. They were just ok the first time but the second time they honestly tasted like they were fried in lard instead of clean oil unlike the fries which tasted fine. They had an unmistakable strong taste of lard.

So, I will now tell you where the best strings are and risk embarrassment. Okay.... here goes.... go to ..... [pause].... oh geesh.... ok..... here goes... Dallas BBQ .....[she ducks for the boos and hisses, and thrown eggs]. No, I'm not recommending the ribs there but just go for the onion strings. Actually, get the onion burger (the burgers aren't half bad) and ask for an extra order of the strings on the side. Or, if you are really feeling sure about this, just get the onion loaf. Oh, and, oh yeh, ask'em for some tartar sauce on the side and dip them in. I'm telling you, it is addicting.

There's a sign in the Dallas BBQ location near Columbia that describes the process of making these strings. I think they dip them in flour and they are special Spanish sweet onions which is the big secret. Nothing tastes like these. I've been addicted for several years. Anyone else know of a better place?

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  1. Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in Grand Central has the most amazing onion straw/string things ever. I have had BBQ's and they are good, but the ones at MJ's are just awesome. Get the mac and cheese too while you are there, the onion strings taste even better (if that is possable) on top of the mac and cheese.

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      mac and cheese AND onion straws??!?! i'm there! THANKS!

    2. If I thought a restaurant had the decency to fry their foods in lard, I'd be there in a shot. Belgian frites always tasted so good because they were fried twice in lard. Well, definitely because they were fried twice. I remember a restaurant in bruxelles that gave diners the choice between graisse de boeuf, graisse d'oie and huile d'olive. The beef fat frites were always the tastiest.

      However, if you're talking about the overall cleanliness of the frying mechanism, fair enough But no more beat downs on the lard! :)

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        This is a very good point, Lizard. The friend I was with stated they were fried in lard. Not too sure whether she knew for sure so I'm glad you've raised the point. I can tell you that I would doubt that anyone would like the taste of these. I can't explain the taste but I'm guessing they were frying them in the leftover grease from the cooking they had done all day. Perhaps this is what she meant by lard. It was a really horrible taste. So, I definitely can't say it was lard, for sure, as no one has ever fried anything in lard for me and then asked me to taste it. Anyway, if others have been to Rub, I'm curious to hear how they think the onion strings are prepared and whether they like the taste. Lizard, if you ever go to this place, I'd be very curious to hear your feedback. Thanks for raising the point and now I'm also curious to hear about restaurants that fry foods using lard so I can taste this.

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          I am also a native NYer. I remember the first time that I had BBQ's onion loaf. It was many years ago when I was in high school. I was immediately addicted. I have been eating them ever since and have not found better!

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            ok. good. i'm not crazy. phew. THANKS!

            1. re: nativeNYer

              What else is good/great there? (Burger maybe?)

              (I'd like to make it a full meal and not just order the onion loaf.)

              1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                Yup, try the burgers and let me know. I think they are quite good - very tasty and large. Actually, they have an "onion burger" which comes with the crispy onions. You can also ask for an extra side order of them which they will give you for a buck or two more instead of the loaf if you are not too sure. Fries are also good [if you manage to get them hot] and they make a decent ceasar salad. This is not gourmet food by any stretch but the onion loaf makes it worth the visit. Curious to hear what you think. hopefully, they won't make the loaf mushy. You might want to tell them to avoid making it overly crispy but not mushy either. I do prefer the burger at parker meridian's burger joint [by far]but i can't always get down there. this place has grown up me b/c i live across the street from one location and work across the street from one of their other locations. can't beat'em then join'em type of thing

                1. re: nativeNYer

                  The chicken is hit or miss if you order in. The whole birds for take-out are generally pretty good, better than most supermarkets if that's saying anything. The salads are also pretty good. The ingredients are surprisingly fresh and crisp. I'm not a fan of the pork ribs; they are too fatty and there is not nearly enough meat. Sadly, I ended up getting Thanksgiving dinner there this past year, and was nicely surprised! The turkey was good, the stuffing was good, and you got a sweet potato, salad, corn bread, a little tub of cranberry sauce and a slice of pumpkin pie all for $13.99. It sure beat the mess (and cost) of going homemade...

                  1. re: fsd1116

                    We often order from Dallas BBQ at work. Being vegetarian, I just get an order of baked beans and an order of cole slaw. Both are delicious. I drain some of the liquid out of the cole slaw and then eat it mixed with the beans. Good stuff. I've had the onions and the tempura there, but this is delivery and those tings get pretty soggy by the time they make it to the office.

                    1. re: Drew E

                      Forgot to mention the cole slaw! It is pretty good.

              2. re: nativeNYer

                Yet another native New Yorker here who grew up eating at BBQ. I can add another dish to the list -- their chicken soup is actually pretty good, full of chunks of chicken and vegetables. Go figure!