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Apr 7, 2007 12:59 PM

Asheville Walking/Parking?

We're headed to Asheville for the first time next month. Staying at the Courtyard, address is One Buckstone Place. The person who took our reservation said it was only a mile from downtown. Is it a walkable mile? How is parking downtown? It's our anniversary and we would prefer not to drive after wine. Are cabs readily available and cheap?

So far, we've chosen these as our eating destinations:

Tupelo Honey

and beers at Jack of the Wood. How does that sound?

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  1. You could but would not want to walk this mile. It is along Tunnel Road and I doubt there are sidewalks the whole way. It is a busy, busy road lined with fast food and chain restaurants and motels. In a certain stretch there have been problems w/ homeless/vagrants who camp nearby. You should be able to park downtown very easily there are 3 easy to find public parking garages that charge $2 in the evenings weekends and there are others that charge more. You can usually find street parking as well without a whole lot of difficulty if you are not adverse to walking a few blocks. Taxis should not be a problem to get there/home but you won't need one downtown. From Tupelo Honey to Limones it is perhaps 5 blocks. From Limones to Zambras about the same and Jack of the Wood is about 1/2 block from Tupelo Honey.

    1. I'm completely with you about not liking to have to worry about driving when I'm enjoying wine. In particular at Zambras, I would tend to over-do it because the Spanish wines are really nice.

      Have you considered changing your reservation to something in downtown? Haywood Park Hotel, Renaissance, Best Western (cheap...not really anniversary-ish, but then again, what's more important, having all the wall-paper still on the wall, or good wine?) are within easy walking.

      I agree w/ Leah, you don't want to hoof it from Tunnel Road. But I'm not so sure I agree that Taxis are no problem. You would have to call one, wouldn't you Leah? It's not like a big city where you can just hail one.

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      1. re: danna

        I would agree with Danna about trying to change your reservation to someplace downtown. The Renaissance is pretty nice and you can usually get it for about $60 on Priceline. Their location will put you right in the middle of downtown and very close to all the restaurants you mentioned.

        1. re: ncpearl

          If it's too late to change your reservation you can certainly call a cab from the restaurant. You can't hail them on the street here, but I'd be surprised if it cost any more than $5 or $10 to tunnel road.

          1. re: ncpearl

            When I called the hotels, the BW was booked, and the Renaissance and Haywood were $200/night. I've never used Priceline. Is it reliable?

            1. re: mojoeater

              In the past, if you bid on the downtown Asheville area, you were pretty much guaranteed to get the Renaissance. However, it looks like now you're more likely to get the Crowne Plaza which is not anywhere near downtown so I would say Priceline is no longer a good option for Asheville. On the positive side, it seems from the other posts, that you won't have a problem getting a cab.

              1. re: ncpearl

                Good. Because I intend to sample some great Spanish wines!

                The Limones website says they are open for dinner Tuesday-Friday. Are they not open on Saturdays?

                1. re: mojoeater

                  Website is wrong, vmail at their number confirms open Saturday until 10pm.

        2. you would have to call a cab but they are quick and reliable in my experience. yellow cab is the service I use, and from that location to downtown expect about a $5.00 fare.

          1. personally, i'd walk it. no sidewalks for the most part, but you can walk thru the various parking lots that span most of the stretch, and there are grass shoulders where the development runs thin. there is a sidewalk thru the tunnel & into downtown.

            cabs can be called or flagged, better luck with the former; yellow cabs are more likely to stop when hailed. cabs here are expensive, but far cheaper than a dui.

            the bus system runs down tunnel rd w/ multiple stops. $1 each way. runs until @ least 9:30p; cabs thereafter.

            parking is always free & never an issue if you don't mind walking a bit. parking becomes problematic the greater your desire to park near your destination.

            i'd go to barley's for beers (it's very near limones); better beer selection & better service than @ jack.

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            1. re: mark

              I wouldn't mind walking it. A good little ways, but asheville is a safe town and I disagree and believe that there is a sidewalk the entire way.

              Also, I think Barley's is one of the worst bars in the downtown area and would suggest sticking with Jack.

              1. re: mark

                Don't walk home, if you want to make the walk into town try it. I think you'd be better off looking at the bus schedule to get into town and then take a cab home. Your best bet is to call for one. We're not a big city and you will not see many driving around looking for fares. I'd recommend Jack over Barley's but depending what time you go and when, they have live bands and it can get very crowded plus paying to see the band. I recommend getting in your car and going to the Sunnypoint for a breakfast/brunch in West Asheville. Take 240 to the Haywood Rd Exit (right after big curve) and make right off exit. Best breakfasts in town. Have fun