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Apr 7, 2007 11:51 AM

Japanese? in Shrewsburry, NJ (Monmouth County)

Does anyone know about that mysterious looking Japanese restaurant tucked away in the back corner of the strip mall next to the county library along route 35?
I want to take my mom there... she definitely won't eat any sushi but I might.

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  1. Fuji Japanese Steak House, been there for quite some time. It's okay, pretty good but not fabulous. Serene enough interior, pleasant staff, it does that sort of Japanese/Thai fusion kind of thing, which generally means it doesn't do either too awfully well. My experience of it is that it is better to avoid the Thai offerings, disappointing, and stick with the Japanese side of the house. I have only had their sushi as part of a bento box at lunch, not the best I've ever had but . . . okay.

    1. I believe there are better Japanese places in the area if you are interested in Japanese.

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      1. re: tom porc

        I ended up eating at Fuji and it was a good experience. I had the sushi and hijiki, both were very good. I will go back.
        Tom porc, I'm curious what other Japanese places you prefer in the area. There are suprisingly quite a few as you drive down 35.

        1. re: Ida Red

          Glad you enjoyed Fuji!

          Japanese isnt my thing so I'm not a good judge but others have preferred Fune in Ocean Twp. My friends tell me its quite expensive, though.
          Sawa (next to Pathmark) is popular and ACE in West Long Branch got an excellent review in NY Times although its asian and french fusion.
          Btw, if you decide to return to Fuji before May 9th, there is a 50% off entree coupon in Clipper Magazine. There is also a coupon for ACE.

          1. re: tom porc

            Tom Porc, I was driving by when I saw ACE and noticed that it was Asian and French fusion. What do they serve in there? Is it a hibachi as well?

            1. re: wench31

              Here is their website.

              Doesnt look like hibachi. More like Vietnamese.
              I'm sorry but I havent tried it.

              1. re: tom porc

                Thank you for the website! I see that they have bibimbap as well! I will definitely give that a try!

                1. re: wench31

                  I hope this one sticks many restaurants have we had come and go in that spot now?

                  Bibimbap at a Japanese French fusion spot? Hmmm. :)

                  1. re: wench31

                    If you do try it, please give us a report :0)

        2. Ichiban in Ocean Township is good too...Down 35 past the mall

          BTW we took 15 of my daughter's friends to Fuji for her 16th birthday and the staff were so gracious and entertaining we felt the party was a great success!!!

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          1. re: Jen_in_NJ

            In the ocean area Ichiban is also my favorite and is great for thigns other than Sushi. But when I want some serious sushi love I head up north to Sono. I think it's in middletown.

            1. re: joonjoon

              I also like Ichiban as well as Takara both on Rt. 35 in Ocean.