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Apr 7, 2007 11:28 AM

Canucks looking for French cuisine in Hollis, New York or surrounding area

Staying with family in Hollis (Queens) New York. My husband and I want to take them out for dinner Sunday night, french cuisine, not over the top expensive, great service and intimate atmosphere. We have no idea where to start and they don't get out much....any help would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps directions to wherever would be a big help too. Many thanks for the help.

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  1. tournesol, in long island city, might be the closest french place. it's very good, although now that it's so popular, the service feels a bit less intimate and the food is a bit more loosely prepared than back in the days when it was still a relatively undiscovered gem. i'd suggest going outside of the peak hours in order to have a bit more relaxed meal. it's still very good, though.

    1. There is a Portuguese restaurant in Richmond Hill, which I believe is close to Hollis.
      I went there years ago and I'm not even sure if it's still open, but you could phone. Okay it's not French, but if you insist on French you probably should try Manhattan -- more variety.

      1. Rouge in Forest Hills, is the closest place I can think of. It's about a block from the subway. Or go to 718 in Astoria. I haven't been to either in a while, but I'd recommend them based on the last meals I had there

        1. If they want Poutine, try Sheep Station on 4th ave in Brooklyn. Good Poutine on Tuesday nights

          1. I'm afraid that Hollis just isn't a big dining neighborhood, particularly for the sort of thing you're seeking. It's a very residential area. The area around that part of Queens is known for West Indian food, particularly over towards Jamaica and Richmond Hill. To the north are some ethinc neighborhoods, particularly for Middle-Eastern food (kosher & non-kosher). And further up in Flushing and surrounding areas is the largest Chinese community on the east coast, which also has a significant Korean presence to the east. Queens is really a place for ethnic foods of all sorts, as it is the most multi-ethnic place on the face of the earth, but not really the place to seek out a classic French dining experience. Posters here are probably right that the closest place such a thing can be found is in Forest Hills (not too far away). But you would really have to go into Manhattan to have any real selection of restaurants that would fit your criteria.

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              if you want french - as others have mentioned, rouge in forest hills is the absolute closest place to hollis. otherwise, if you're willing to venture out to long island city, i would go to tournesol (or even cafe henri right across the street from tournesol) over rouge. i didn't think the food was that great there. i've had better experiences at both places.

              or, you can go in the opposite direction towards long island and head to la baraka on northern blvd near little neck parkway. it's a french-moroccan place.

              if you want to really stick around in the neighborhood, how about some italian at acquista trattoria? it's on union turnpike near surrey place. it's a very relaxed, neighborhood kinda place (there's all these pictures of st john's sports teams covering the walls), but the food is good and very affordable. there's a more expensive and more white linens kinda place diagonally across the street called vino. i've never been there, but have heard decent reviews.