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Apr 7, 2007 11:10 AM

Offered a FREE meal... Where should I go?

I have a good friend coming into town on business and has offered to take me out to dinner, his treat, wherever I want. He's NEVER been to NYC and is looking for good food. I've lived here for three years, but being an actor, I haven't gotten the opportunity to eat all the great food. He says price isn't an option, that he writes it off anyway. That being said.... Where do I go?

Recommendations for something that fits the following:

- Anywhere Midtown to Lower Manhattan
- around $200 for 2 ppl... I guess that's appropriate?
- Steak, Italian, Mexican
- somewhere that he will go home talking about
- somewhere you can actually hold a conversation.. not too loud, not to quiet

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  1. $200 for two is too low for most of the better places, especially for the best steakhouses. If your friend is writing the dinner off as a business expense, I suggest you accept his generosity and don't worry too much about the cost.

    My pick among the steakhouses would be Keens, which has been in its 36th St. location since 1885. Because of that fact, I think it is an especially good choice for someone, like your friend, who has never been to NYC before. In addition to the delicious steaks, chops, sides, etc., there is incomparable old NY ambiance -- walls filled with memorabilia and row-upon-row of old clay smoking pipes suspended from all the ceilings. There are also pipes that belonged to famous people displayed in cases in the vestibule. Service is excellent, and the noise level is conversation-friendly (which is not always the case in other steakhouses). Be sure to check out the bar room where the huge portrait of Miss Keens in all her glory (lol) hangs above the bar. If you want a place that your friend will go home talking about, Keens is definitely a great choice.

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      i'll second Keens -- i agree w/ everything RGR said about it...i was there a couple weeks ago and the lamb chops were delicious as usual...

      for Italian, i'd recommend Il Giglio...elegant old-school Italian...200 dollars is about right, assuming you don't order any specials made w/ truffles...the shrimp fra diavolo is excellent, and they bring out wonderful antipasti on the house: olive oil saturated zucchini, chunks of parmesean, bruschetta, salami...definitely quiet enough for conversation...very much a New York place and a fine use of an expense account...

      and while it's not among your requested cuisines, i also like Balthazar for French bistro food including fine raw oysters...

      i would avoid Mexican food in NYC for this kind of a splurge meal...

    2. Babbo, Hearth (although my last meal there wasn't as great as my first)

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      1. re: Lucia

        thank you all so much! I've been reading through the boards and Hearth comes up ALOT. Neither of us have eaten French food, but my guest LOVES oysters! I actually think that he ate at Keen's when he first arrived in the city.

        thank you again!

        1. re: Boomhauer

          I presume you know that Hearth is New American tilting Italian, not French? I think it's fine but not particularly special.

          You should consider Eleven Madison Park if you want a place that your friend will rave about to the folks back home. And I have no doubt it will thrill you as well. Chef Humm's French-inspired cuisine is sensational! There's an excellent wine list. The staff provides cordial and professional service. And even those of us who have been there many times are still awed each time by the gorgeous space.

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        1. Peter Luger or Babbo- the choice is yours. neither will dissapoint- both are pricey and worth every penny. enjoy- fb

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            $200 is just about right for porterhouse for two, bacon app, creamed spinach, cheap cab, hot fudge sundae, tax and tip at Luger's. A bargain for deliciousness/price ratio.

          2. Hi Boomhauer,

            If you want a steakhouse that also serves oysters, I will suggest Craft or Craftsteak. Both serve a variety of steaks (grass-fed, corn-fed) and of different cuts, and there are other meat /poultry/ seafood to choose from. There is a raw bar with plenty of oysters and other seafood that your friend may enjoy. Not to ignore is their sides of vegetables, pastas, potatoes, and grains, the list can go on and on, and everything is very delicious! I have never been disappointed. In your case Craftsteak may be a better option as Craft's portion tends to be bigger for sharing. You can also order their prix-fix menu + an order or two of oysters to round up the meal (for prix-fix, the short ribs is better than the hanger steak, IMO). Link is here.


            Hope you enjoy your meal!

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            1. re: kobetobiko

              Votes are in and it's going to be a STEAKHOUSE!

              I've narrowed it down to

              Porter House
              Strip House
              Craft Steak

              Any further comments?

              1. re: Boomhauer

                hi boomhauer,

                The following is my own preference:

                First, I will take Porter House off the list - unimpressive
                Then, it comes down to what your focus is:
                If your main focus is the steak and nothing else or want the more traditional styled steakhouse, then Keen's or Strip House
                If you want more variety and great contemporary space, as well as more variety of steak choices, then Craftsteak.

                You may also want to look at the wine list of each if that is your focus as well.