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Apr 7, 2007 10:44 AM

Dim Sum in Van Nuys

I just moved to TO recently and would be venturing to Van Nuys to shop at Ranch tomorrow (Sunday, April 8).

Are there any decent and affordable dim sum in that area? I am not picky (in terms of taste), anything edible will do, looking for a place that is cheap/affordable and within 15 mins range of Ranch in Van Nuys.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Your only option in the valley is A&W Seafood in Northridge. It's not nearly as good as the dim sum places in the San Gabriel Valley, but those would add a lot of a drive time.

    A&W is on Reseda at Prairie, just north of Nordhoff. From Ranch 99, get on the 405 at Victory, go to Nordhoff, go west to Reseda at take a right. I think they have dim sum until 2 pm. The price is reasonable and they have a decent variety. I do expect it to be a zoo, so you might have to wait for seating.

    The Ranch 99 deli sometimes has a few dim sum items, which are decent. You can get bao and other dumplings in the refrigerated case, but I recommend against it unless you are absolutely desperate.

    1. There is a strip mall restaurant called BBQ Unlimited on Sherman Way between Fulton and Coldwater Canyon. They have a small selection but what they have is very good. They have sui mei, steamed pork buns, steamed chicken buns, and two or three of the sweet items. There BBQ duck is very good as are their ribs and sliced pork. Prices are ultra reasonable.

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        You can also order juk, yau ja gwai (Chinese "twin donut") and steamed gai lan with oyster sauce. Not the dim sum experience, because you have to order it off a menu, but it's not bad at all. The nai wong bao (yellow cream buns are what they call them in English) are very tasty.

        And, as Hugh said, very cheap.

      2. It's true that you'd have to hop the 405 north for about five minutes then over on Nordhoff and up Reseda for AW for dimsum

        If you want to stay in the neighborhood - there's a good pho place across the street and right next door is a vietnamese place that will do the beef seven course meal. So if you'd settle for V.namese, you're in luck.

        1. It isn't dim sum, but there's a Sam Woo right next to Ranch, and it's one of the best Chinese I've found in the Valley, mostly because of the roast duck & roast pork & the house special noodle soup. Also tasty chinese broccoli. Cash only.