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Apr 7, 2007 10:14 AM

Casual Business Lunch in Campbell? Highway 17 and Hamilton?

I'm looking for lunch place suggestions -- low to moderately priced -- casual lunch with a colleague.

Area: Highway 17 and Hamilton in Campbell

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Deezi Cafe (Persian)
    408-379-1126 for 880S, Exit Hamilton R, L on Winchester

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    1. re: rdabke

      Time to fess up if you've tried it.

    2. Twist Cafe or Sonoma Chicken Coop, downtown Campbell on Campbell Ave.

      1. Krung Thai is close by.

        642 S. Winchester Boulevard
        San Jose, CA 95128
        (408) 260-8224

        1. I definitely recommendt Cafe Artemis in the Pruneyard. Great food.
          1875 S Bascom Ave
          Campbell, CA 95008

          Thai Pepper has some lunch specials and a coupon for 10% off.

          Michi Sushi
          2220 Winchester Blvd
          Campbell, CA 95008

          Mama Mia
          200 E Hamilton Ave
          Campbell, CA 95008

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          1. re: Margo

            I live in downtown Campbell, and besides my recs above, I agree with all of Margo's. Mama Mia's looks like an old Denny's, but has great food.

            1. re: Margo

              I recently went to Cafe Artemis with my brother and we had a great lunch. The Lahmacun (lamb pizza) was delicious, if rich. The waitress said my brother was the first person she'd seen finish the whole thing. (She did not know I snuck a piece for a myself.)

              My Portakal Salad (orange salad with avocado and peaches) was also very tasty, and a good bit lighter than the pizza.

              The Kazandibi dessert should not be missed: it's a yummy custardy 'pillow' somewhere between creme brulee and a good flan.

              Our waitress, Amanda, was very friendly and helpful in navigating the options. She also informed us of that bread (which was very good) was housemade. Another nice touch.