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Apr 7, 2007 09:48 AM

14 days in Albany GA--please help

Hi all. As the title says, I have two whole weeks straight of work to do in Albany GA. I need as many recommendations for eats as possible. I've done as much homework as I can, read the 3 threads that already exist here, etc., but there is unfortunately a paucity of info on Albany proper. I most enjoy meat and three places, good breakfasts, local color. I have an expense account limit of 15 bucks for breakfast and lunch, 25 for dinner. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thanks, essvee

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  1. Please oh please oh please? It's been my experience that the locals will often direct me to Denny's, Applebee's, etc. I couldn't bear that, I just couldn't. (falls onto couch with the vapors)

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      Go to Blackbeards on Slappey Blvd. Great food, Seafood (all kinds), bar-b-q and much more.

    2. I have been told that Parkers Barbecue in Sylvester (just east of Albany on Hwy 82) is really good.

      But otherwise I am not familiar with Albany. I would recommend that you take a drive one evening and eat supper at the Daphne Lodge close to Lake Blackshear near Cordele

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          If you're willing to drive for an hour or so, Yoder's near Montezuma is great. It sits in the middle of the Mennonite community there, and the food is very Southern and very good. Cafeteria style. I always go when I'm back home visiting family. Roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, butter beans, corn, and chess pie. Man. (They're closed on Sunday and, I believe, one other day of the week. Make sure to call.)

          Not far from there is very good barbecue at Oglethorpe BBQ Co. in Oglethorpe. Again, you're looking at something like an hour drive, which might not be worth it. (I'm not too familar with the quality of bbq around Albany.)

          Monroe's in Americus does a good chili and/or slaw dog. That would be about a 30-45 minute drive.

          I hear good things about the seafood at Blackbeard's in Albany. I've only been once, a number of years ago, and remember it being very fried. But good.

      1. I checked my notes and found a couple of more places in Albany. Meatslangers is supposed to be very good. Also Jimmie's hot dogs is a local favorite.

        1. Try Perleys just south of Blackbeards on Slappey Blvd. Great Breakfast Between this place and Blackbeards you have the best of Albany

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            Thanks all-- Blackbeards, Perleys, Jimmies... got it. One more thing, this true (read: New England) Yankee has never had country ham. Is South Georgia country ham country?

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              You'll be able to find some country ham, but, when you get back home, Google "Benton's Country Ham" and order some of the Tennessee prosciutto. You won't be dissappointed.

          2. Any cured country ham that you find will likely be on a breakfast menu. I seldom see country ham on lunch and dinner menus in Georgia. Yoder’s mentioned above does have ham, but the Mennonites have their own special way of preparing ham that I would not call Southern style.

            Cutt’s in DeSoto is another place that I would recommend for Southern country cooking. It is north of Albany and is only open for breakfast and lunch, so you probably would have to try it on the weekend. When I ate there last winter, there was a collard patch in back of Cutt’s. So I knew the greens were fresh. :-)

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              Yoder's ham is definitely not country ham. Completely agree with Blue Eagle that you're only likely to find country ham on breakfast menus.