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Apr 7, 2007 07:57 AM

Looking to buy some raki, London ON

It's my grand father's 83 birthday in May, we live in London ON can anybody help?

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  1. I'm not sure where to buy it in London, but since you have until May, I know that the LCBO carries Efes products from time to time (I've seen both their pilsner and their raki in downtown Toronto-area stores in the past) so you may want to put in a special order with your local LCBO for the stuff (BTW, Efes raki is really good - you don't get the awful headache from Efes as you do with some of the other brands like Yeni or Tekirdag). The LCBO's Summerhill location in Toronto, the last time I went, carried Yeni raki so if you are in Toronto at any point between now and May, you may want to call ahead to see if they have any in stock and drop in to pick it up if they do. Another way you can go about it is to call Turkish restaurants that serve alcohol to see if they import raki for their business. Anatolia Restaurant in Toronto is the largest Turkish restaurant that I know of in the Greater Toronto Area, and you can give them a try. You'll want to check if there are any Turkish-owned LLBO restaurants closer to you that can help you out.

    1. Connoisseur Wines & Spirits are the importers of Efes Raki to the LCBO / Canada. The LCBO will be releasing the next shipment in September 2007. You can contact the importer directly at for more information. Restaurants are not allowed to sell bottles of alcohol unless they're serving it to you in the restaurant.