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Apr 7, 2007 07:36 AM

Villagio: New Bucks County BYOB Italian

The Penn's Purchase outlet center is a strange place for a Southern Italian restaurant, but here it is. Three months old. Large, somewhat noisy dining room. Open kitchen. Extremely attentive and friendly service. Appetizers run the usual gamut of your neighborhood Italian (mussels in red or white sauce, calamari, salads with or without meats), wide range of pastas, veal, chicken, fish.

Highlights of our two visits: the calamari are done just right. Lightly floured, lightly sauteed, served with slightly tangy sauce and lemon wedges. Ziti Sicilana had strips of eggplant in a
plum tomato sauce. Branzino perfectly grilled, filetted tableside, moist and flavorful.

The prices are right: most appetizers in the $8-13 range, pastas $8-15, fish $18-22.
Very child-friendly, although not many children seen during our two visits, including one Friday dinner at 7PM.

BYO a +....get out that nice Tuscan or Brunello and enjoy.
Next to the Orvis outlet, across from Peddler's Village. A few miles from New Hope and Doylestown. Anxious to hear other Chowhounds' experiences.

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    1. Heard that it was good.
      Anyone been here lately?

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        I was the original poster on this restaurant and still find it to be excellent, both in terms of quality and value. Personal favorite is their pasta siciliano, with chunks of eggplant in a hearty red sauce. They grill branzino nicely, too. Very friendly staff. Still BYO, which is always a plus, value-wise.

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          Ever been to Pizzeria Rustica across the street? Always been curious about that place...

          1. re: JCap


            No...I've been meaning to try Rustica for some time. My favorite pizza in the area is at Villa Ponte in Stockton, NJ (search NJ board for several reviews, plus see review at Recently visited Nomad Pizza in Hopewell, NJ for the first time...fantastic.

            903 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

        2. re: skardm

          We had dinner there this past Sunday evening and enjoyed it. We had the calamari, which was delicious and tender, and we shared a chicken dish (sorry, I've forgotten what it's called) that was topped with eggplant and prosciutto and mozarella that was also quite good. And the fact that it's BYO always adds points in my book. I did think the prices were a bit high, but I'd go there again if I was in the area.

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