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Apr 7, 2007 07:01 AM

Interesting ways to use smoked mozzerela?

It's been sitting in my refrigerator b/c I don't want to just melt it on something without giving it some thought. Suggestions?


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  1. Cook up some mushroom gnocchi (sold at Target under Archer Farms brand), add marinara, put slices of smoked mozz on top and stick under broiler for a few minutes until cheese has melted and just started to brown. Heaven!

    1. Caramelize some onions and top a grilled pork chop with those, then melt the smoked mozarella on top of all under the broiler.

      1. It's great on pizza...

          1. re: Mint Chip

            Oooo I like that one! All the suggestions are great, but I don't eat pork and am trying to cut back on carbs, so the radiccio idea sounds perfect.

          2. One of the best apps. I've had at a local Italian rest. uses smoked mozzarella...grilled portabella mushroom, grilled red and yellow peppers, red onions and some other kind of veggie then they grill the mozz. Toss with evoo and balsamic. Really good!