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Apr 7, 2007 06:55 AM


I got no clue...I'm counting on you FLA!!!

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  1. Board is moving slow. I tried to log on yesterday from NC and couldn't post.

    You are loosing the touch, netmover, I see you still have no responses.

    In Orlando, Le Coq Au Vin still reigns surpreme. Twenty-five plus years and chef Louis still cannot be beat. The signature dish, the sweetbreads, the souffles, enison when he has it, all to die for. Service gets crazy on busy nights and the room is a little too noisy. I wish he carried more French wine, but since he likes Randall Graham's Bonny Doon wines, I don't complain too much.

    I also very much like Paris Bistro on Goldenrod Road in east Winter Park. Small, crowded, absolutely wonderful bistro food and a limited and cheap selection of French wine to accompany the food.

    Chez Vincent in Winter Park is marvelous also. Romantic, eclectic French cuisine with a modern touch. Get the lamb with gorgonzola sauce and the mussel appetizer.


    1. Café Boulud-Palm Beach....wonderful in every, service, & atmosphere.

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        Board is probably slow due to whatever technical glitch was keeping people from logging in. Fixed problem by deleting all my cookies and logging in again.

        For tops, I'm going with:
        Pascal's on Ponce (Coral Gables) for high end
        Gourmet Diner (North Miami) for bistro

        Les Halles (Coral Gables) is often pretty good but can be somewhat inconsistent. Solid on traditional dishes like cassoulet, choucroute which are hard to find elsewhere.

        Had one excellent meal at Daniel Boulod, but haven't been back and am reluctant to recommend based on one experience. Also in the "haven't been often enough to vouch for" category, I'd put Bouchon du Grove (Coconut Grove) and Le Provencal (Coral Gables), though I've had nice meals at both just not recently.

        We had one very good meal at La Goulue (Bal Harbour) but then went back and it was not nearly as good and it sure doesn't seem like they're trying very hard.

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          We've had several excellent meals at Cafe Boulud, but were there about a month ago and were disappointed. Food was good, but not great (and at these prices, we expect great). Sevice was terrible!

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            Don't forget about Palm D'or at the Biltmore Hotel. The food and wine are fran-tastic.

            But, yes, Pascal's on Ponce is also worthy of nomination for the Miami area. The food is always always superb, however, the service can be a little hit or miss. Also, the Maitre d' at that place can be both creepy and snobby. Especially if you bring in a bottle of your own wine on Monday nights (there is no corkage fee on Monday nights). The dude will also hover over customers' tables and talk to them. I have actually seen chef Pascal get pissed about him doing this. (My server told me once that Pascal sometimes takes his cell phone and calls the restaurant so the Maitre D will have to leave the people's table to answer the phone. When the Maitre D answers the phone, Pascal tells him to leave the customers alone. LOL!!)


            Have you been to the Palm D'or recently? I'm curious about your take on it. Great service, great food, great sommelier on my end.

        2. In Naples, we like:

          Escargot 41

          Bleu Provence

          Bamboo Cafe

          Cote d'Azur

          All of these are small, family-owned (or chef-owned). Escargot 41 and Cote d'Azur are buried in ordinary strip malls, but don't dispair - when you walk into the door you enter another world.

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            I ate at Le Brittany's in Pt. St. Lucie, many years ago. Not sure if it is still open, but it was very nice and cozy. It is located not that far off of 95...

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              Not sure about that one up in the PSL, but I do have a golden oldie in the FTL, SAGE has got it going on in the parle vou dept and cuisine is solid!

          2. Le Plein Sud on Biscayne, near 123rd St. It is in the little mall next to FedEx/Kinko's. I haven't been a while, but it was delicious.