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Kosher Style restaurants, Butcher, Deli and real Bagels and Bialy's?

I'm so disgusted with the food choices in SW Florida. It seems that no one can make a pastrami sandwich that is not fried and has cheese on it and on mushy rye bread! The bagels are no-to-low gluten flour and not boiled, yuck! I've yet to see a kosher butcher anywhere. Its so bad I have to go all the way to NJ just to get a real bagel and some nosh! No Bialy's anywhere.

The closest to White Castle is Krystal Burger with their potato roll buns!


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  1. It's bad everywhere for bagels Don. Hardly anyone knows what a real bagel is let alone a bialy and real pastrami and rye. The best I've gotten recently is Bagel City in Rockville MD. This family has been doing it for aver 100 years! I'm in culinary school right now and have consider going there to learn how to make bagels correctly.
    Can you give me an idea where to get real pastrami?

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        I like the bagels at Way Beyond Bagels on Jog Rd between clint More and Linton, you can eat there but it is a self serve deli so you are better off using it for take out or home.

        the sandwiches at TooJays are pretty good. There is one on Glades and 95 and one on Yamato and Jog.

        Bens on 441 and Clint More is ok, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

        Flakewitz on Federal is one of the best - around Spanish River Blvd and US1.

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          Mmmmmm.....Flakowitz Bakery...and Tomberg's Chicken....
          Tomberg's chicken doesn't have the pastrami...but has Kosher 'style' sides, and pretty good rotisserie chicken.

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            How 'bout some suggestions for the other side of the state, I'm over in Punta Gorda

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              I suggest you repost the question and include that part of Florida you are seeking information for -- you will get better results that way.


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                Sorry Don, but I think you are out of luck for pastrami. I live in Sarasota with 3 deli's, but no home run. Nosh-a-Rye on Longboat is probably the best, but will not win any prizes but will do in a pinch. For Bagels, we fly in H & H in NYC which are the best. Its about $15 per dozen delivered.

      2. I'm not exactly sure where in Florida you are, but since I've moved to the Broward County area, the best bagels and bialies I've found have been at The Sage in Hallandale Beach.

        1. Try the Bagel Snack in Pompano. 1291 Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach 33069, 954-974-4564. They make great fresh bagels. From what I understand their pastrami sandwiches are wonderful. It's a NY deli/diner experience.

          1. I don't know if you want to drive up to St. Pete but we have some decent deli, and bagels.
            Jo-El's in St. Pete is a kosher market. Deli, butcher, groceries. They also serve sandwiches, etc. made to order.
            TooJays at Bay Walk in downtown St. Pete is a decent deli.
            St. Pete Bagel on 4th St. N. in St. Pete has good bagels and I have bought bialy's there.
            House of Bagels on Belcher in Largo has the best bagels. I think it is kosher.

            1. the bagels in the food market area in the festival flea market are as close to NY bagels as we have found here in South Florida. all others seem more like bread than bagels.

              1. Let me see if I can help my Bagel Brother in Florida.

                The SW in the post stands for Southwest, and although Flakowitz makes a good bagel and Pastrami in Delray and Boynton, it's a heck of a 2+ hour drive.

                So how about any reco's for the Punta Gorda area.

                Good luck D

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                  thank you all of my fellow gastro gnomes:)

                  I guess I'll have to take a run up to Tampa/St. Pete, I thought that at one time that there was a kosher deli in Naples, any one know where?

                  Oh well in July I'm taking my oldest son up North for football camp, so I guess I'll go to Jersey and see if the deli's in Newark, Plainfield, South Orange and New Brunswick are still in Bussiness, worst comes to wurst I'll have to go into the City and head to Brooklyn!

                2. Hi Don,
                  I frequently have bagel withdrawal symptoms and just found your post from 2007. I've been in Sarasota since 1978. The last time I had a REAL bagel was in Bayside NY at the Ramada Inn Adria . Don't ask what I was doing there. The room was dumpy, but breakfast was included. You could smell them as you entered the room. Real bialys, too, good quality cc, real butter, If there was lox, I don't recall because I was intoxicated by the bagels. That was in 2006 and I can't let it go. I get bagels from TooJays from time to time. They bake them off there. I hate when they put them in a plastic bag. I don't know what anyone likes about H & H...I clearly remember my disappointment the first time I bit into one. A little sweet, doughy...I don't get it. Good luck...please let me know when you find REAL bagels in SW FL

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                    We love the store baked bagels at BJ's.
                    They come in as frozen dough from NY and BJ's bakes them off.....
                    It seems to be the best in Saraosta

                  2. Hey Don,
                    My name is Anthony, I live in Broward County ( originally from Long Island) and I am a chef and manager of a small NY style bagel cafe in Parkland (just east of Coral Springs and South of Deerfield) on State Rd 441 @ Hillsboro Blvd, named "Bagels With". The owner has two stores the other in Delray. All the bagels are cooked/boiled with water like new york and we do have Bialys as well. The menu offers all the standard breakfast items along with some fresh sliced Nova, homemade assorted cream cheese, fresh made salads, wraps, corn beef and pastrami (NOT FRIED) any way you like it. We bake muffins and fresh rye daily . Check out our site at http://bagelswith.com/. Come in during the beginning of the week to avoid the insane rush or join the crowd towards the weekend. Either way I am sure you will leave satisfied. I look forward to meeting you.

                    1. As an ex-NYer now living on the central East Coast of FL (Melbourne, to be precise), the bagel situation around us isn't very good. I have found an acceptable solution in Publix's frozen food section. The ones around us carry "Ray's New York Bagels" in Plain, Seseme & Everthing. You have to bake them in the oven for 6-7 minutes. While they're not as good as a lot of the ones in the NYC area, they are better than anything I've found in this area. Plus, you don't have to get dressed & drive somewhere to get your morning fix!

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                        My Queens to small metro Georgia sister also considers Rays to be a more acceptable substitute for proper NYC bagels than the fresh ones she's found in the southeast.