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Apr 7, 2007 05:43 AM

Great food near Shea Stadium?

A friend from out of town wants to see a Mets game the weekend after next. I am no baseball fan, but I thought maybe we can combine it with some great food near Shea Stadium? Is there anything?? Either walking distance or anywhere on the way from Manhattan (we'll be taking the 7 train). I was thinking Sripraphai in Woodside because that's on the way, but I've just been so would like to scout out something else. Any type of cuisine really, as long as it's great chow.

Thanks so much!

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  1. One stop beyond Shea is Flushing, and that's a Chowhound's paradise. One of a million suggestions:

    1. Flushing is only a stop away on the 7 line and as Brian S suggested, it is foodie's paradise. Spicy & Tasty is my pick. I suggest running a search in the OuterBorough for'll find enough for this season and many more :-)

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      1. re: Hanachan

        Also on that stop is Joe's Best Burger of Flushing. As close to IN-N-OUT as you can get outside of the West Coast.

      2. It was really nice to have an excuse to be back in Queens yesterday. We grabbed tacos at Coatzingo before the game.

        So many good options along the way -
        burgers and pints @ Horgan's in Sunnyside
        everything in Flushing

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        1. re: EJC

          I can vouch for the burgers at Donovan's in Woodside. Many Mets fans are there grabbing a burger pre-game.

          1. re: EJC

            burgers and pints @ Horgan's in Sunnyside
            well said EJC.
            The only reason I favor Horgan's versus Donovan's is consistency.
            However, the GUINNESS is immensely good both places;still,Horgan's you're near fainting how good it is. How the f. do they manage it? Better than home in ireland.

            BTW,don't forget LA FLOR at 52nd on the 7.

            1. re: EJC

              Do you think tacos to go are an option at Coatzingo? Wanna get takeout to Shea, no time to sit down. Have to admit, though, my spanish is rusty....