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Apr 7, 2007 05:41 AM

Lunch on Las Olas recommendations

We are meeting my cousin on Las Olas for lunch in a couple of weeks. Anyone have any recommendations. The only places I know that we DON'T want to eat at are Mangos and the Cheesecake Factory. We are open to anywhere else - price is not an issue. Thanks.

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    1. re: Sobe

      Mom's Meatsauce is darn good too at noodles panini...

      1. re: Sobe

        thanks for the recommendation - we had lunch at johnny v and it was excellent. so good that we are going back for dinner!

        1. re: meb903

          Good to hear. Dinner is good too

      2. We just entertained friends from CA and went to Cafe de Paris for the first time. It was for dinner, but I think they are open for lunch. The menu had many choices and everyone was happy with the "old style service" and formality of the place. The menu items are not trendy, but we liked it.


        1. Grab a quick lunch at Gran Forno Bakery

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          1. re: Rimtalay

            Max's Beach Place, if it's still there. They have an awesome lunch deal.

            1. re: Rimtalay

              we love gran forno & get sandwiches there sometimes, but we wanted to sit and be served so ended up at Johnny V, which was excellent!

            2. The crepe restaurant is very nice for lunch.