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Apr 7, 2007 12:33 AM

TUCSON - Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions?

My fiance and I are trying to find a location in Tucson for a rehearsal dinner this October that will accomodate 80-100 ppl. Originally, we were thinking something casual like Mexican food but most of the restaurants we like such as El Charro and Rosa's are too small. Now we're thinking of outdoor venues with a patio or courtyard, as we really want to stay away from the indoor banquet room feel. But the food doesn't have to be Mexican or Southwestern cuisine necessarily.

I think atmosphere matters most to us as we'd like to make a good impression on the many out-of-towners. Location isn't too big a factor but most of the wedding party will be staying up north at Hacienda del Sol and Westward Look.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your input!

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  1. The Hacienda del Sol itself has a really nice courtyard and could probably accomodate that many folks; I've seent them do events like you are describing.

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      We're actually getting married at Hacienda del Sol the next day so we'd like to avoid doing back-to-back events there.

      Any other suggestions from folks?

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        We had our daughter's Bat Mitzvah party at the Hacienda. Ann is terrific and everythign was wonderful about the experience.

        As for the rehearsal dinner, my wife and I got amrried 20 year's ago at Skyline and had the researsal dinner at Westward Look. We actually won a gift certificate for a party at Westward Look. The hotel gave us, I think, $500 credit, which I gacve my dad, who was paying for the rehearsal dinner. We've been back many times, and it's only fair now. You might see if a friend is a member of Skyline Country Club. They do a terrific job, the setitng is dramatic and I think prices are not terribly high. They pour a great drink, too!

    2. The Savoy Opera House at Traildust town may be an option... not as nice as HdS or Arizona Inn, but a very nice, functional space, in fun, if somewhat cliche surroundings. The food is good, but not exceptional, and it's probably a hair over-priced (but I haven't priced out big dinners in a while, so check it out).

      Edit: Oh! Cuvee restaurant is interestingly partitioned, and they may be able to accomodate you.

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        Cuvee has been out of business for over a year

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          Any other current suggestions for a group of 100?

      2. What did you end up doing? We're looking for something similar for a group of 105 in the same area. Love the idea of casual Mexican, but el charro downtown is a little tight.