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Apr 3, 2007 12:28 AM

King crab vs snow crab?

Clearly there is a huge difference in King vs. Snow crab legs---however, am I the only one who has had very good Snow Crab? They tend to be sweet and very good. King Crab can be saltier, and not in a good way. Thoughts on the little guys?

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  1. Side by side if there was king crab or snow crab, I'd opt for king crab. But snow crab can be good.
    Maybe you're too young to remember but years ago snow crab wasn't even served in restaurants or fished for, they threw them back there was no demand for it. The poster above reminds me of episodes of "The Deadliest Catch" where the price of king crab the boat sells to the processor commands around $5/pound whereas the snow crab is about $2/pound.

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      The Big RED King Crab comes from Russia(Costco) nowadays. The Alaskan stuff is small compared.

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        According to the Costco Connection they're harvested from the waters of Alaska to Japan.

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          King Crab to is better, but Stone Crabs are the best

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            The BOXS of Red King Crab(6-9) I have seen at Costco say , Product of Russia.

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              I'm shocked!!! I'll have to check it out the next Costco Seafood Show and complain to the Costco Connection. Maybe I'm watching too much "Deadliest Catch".

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              The waters from Alaska to Japan are basically Russian waters. Take a look at a map.

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                I know, but he says the box says "Product of Russia" and Bristol Bay, AK where the king crab is processed on "Deadliest Catch" is processed in the US.

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              I love Dungeness! Especially Garlic Dungeness. It's so good, you don't need butter.

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                !00% agree. I used to commercial fish Dungeness crab for about twenty years. I never one time got 'tired' of steaming half a dozen for me and my crew after anchoring.
                In those days it was common to catch a couple of hundred a day. We kept nothing under 7" across the back. They went into the 'live-wells' and I sold them live to all the Chinese restros. in Victoria.
                Kings and Snows were only processed in canneries back then.
                We did this to them before a quick steam in salt water:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSZxB...
                The only thing we did different b/c we treasured the 'butter' inside the crab was to just carefully knock the shell off but leave all the butter inside.
                Lots of brown butter with roasted garlics. Four loaves of daily made homemade bread in my diesel stove oven. Lots of Coors Light staying cold in the live wells.

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                  Sounds amazing what a way to live my god

          2. I've found just the opposite. King Crab is sweeter, snow crab saltier. And snow crab just doesn't provide enough meat - too much work, too little reward. I'll go for King Crab any day, regardless of price.

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              Well I love ALL crab, favorite food. Snow can be a little more work but with practice I can tell you for me... I can sit there and talk, hardly look down and have a steady stream of sweet crab. It gets easy after a while when you have your game down. :)

            2. Well Here is my perfect dinner. Two really large King Crab legs with about 3-4 lbs of snow crab. I love King Crab (and snow as well) but they are SOOOOOOOO rich that you can't really eat a ton of them. I have not experienced the salty thing... HOWEVER to answer your question HELL yes I have had amazing snow. In fact there is a place with all you can eat Snow every Friday and Saturday by us. Typically you wont get the BEST at a place like this but I am telling you they are perfection. Slide right out of the shell, no double cooking (causes dryness) and no overcooking (causes sticking in the shell). They bring them out before your plate is empty and they are simply heaven. (Must be great for a straight male to describe them that way) :) Anyway some of the best Snow I have had anywhere (and pretty large at that) and are you sitting down? 30.00 per person. If you are in the Cleveland / East area write me and I will fill you in ;) It is in Mentor.

              1. IMO, they're equally really good when fresh.

                Frozen, I'll take snows any day.

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                  Agreed! Lump crab is amazing for crab cakes. Damn it, now I'm craving crab

                2. We went to a buffet with King Crab a few years ago. They used a saw to cut the crab legs open lengthwise. It was fantastic. One of our dining companions said "These potatoes are realy good!" My response was "Why are you eating potatoes when there is King Crab?"

                  Anyway, I like both, but because of price, we mostly only ever eat snow crab. Years ago, a nice waitress saw me struggling to crack open the crab legs. She showed me the method in wbich the leg meat comes out whole nearly every single time. Using a serrated knife, score the leg on the end in which the meat goes all the way to the end about 1/3 of the way from the end. It only needs scoring on one side. Then break open the crab leg bending it both ways. If the crab was steamed correctly, the end of the crab meat should be sticking out and with a gentle tug can be pulled out whole.

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