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Apr 6, 2007 09:32 PM

Istanbul dinner recommendations?

Will be in Istanbul for five nights later this month -- three nights there, 3 nts Cappadocia, 3 nts back in Istanbul, with my spouse and my son, who's been there on a study-abroad since January. Looking for interesting but not 5-star (or even 4-star) dinner recommendations --- $15 - $25 per person. Please share your favorites, and I'll report back.

And it's not food, but any recent experiences w/ either Empress Zoe or Fehmi Bey?


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  1. Patricia Unterman (SF food writer) and Carrie 218 (of the SF Bay Area Board) like Ciya. I'll try to dig out some notes from my last trip there and report back. Google Ciya for more info.

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      There are some other good posts on CH about restaurants in Istanbul. Do a search.
      Here's another thread:

    2. I suggest you move this post to the Greece/Turkey board. And search there for suggestions - there are quite a few.

      1. Yengech is excellent. Twenty years ago we ate at this restaurant in Izmir and were thrilled to find it this winter in Istanbul. Their mezza are terrific as is the grilled fish. Trust the waiter to make recommendations.

        There is also a kind of cafeteria right at Taxim square where you pick your food for a steam table--one of the best meals.

        In Cappadocia there is a restaurant that serves lamb stew baked in a clay pot that is quite wonderful as well--forget the name.

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          If you are talking about Goreme, this restaurant is called Cafe Turka - and it's somewhere right around the main square (well, so is everything else, just about) possibly near the bus terminal. It was recommended to us by the lovely woman who runs the Elif Star Cave Hotel, where we stayed. If you are also looking for accommodation, I can recommend it not only for the charming rooms but because she is a trained chef - originally from London, England, but now transplanted to Turkey with her husband. She cooks wonderful Turkish dishes as well as English breakfasts for any homesick travellers. Food at the hotel was as good as anything else in town - including the fancy shmancy A La Turca restaurant which we found quite underwhelming but relatively expensive.