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Apr 6, 2007 09:28 PM


I usually order online from Upton teas but I am curious about Teavana. They have a few flavoured black teas which sound intriguing, specifically the Thai Tea Blend, Spicy Nut Mate, Rose Marzipan Delight, and Almond Biscotti. Has anyone tried these?

Also how is SpecialTeas?

Thanks kindly!

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  1. I have their Caramel Rooiboos and Mac Nut Rooiboos. I love them!

    1. I ordered a mix... Of the White teas, I most enjoyed the Pear and Peach. Of the Black teas, I like the Ginger Peach Apricot, Coconut Aloha blend. Like the Mate Vana. Of the herbals, the Azteca was surprisingly good, as were the Plum Harvest, Carribbean Breeze, Honeybrush Vanilla, and Pina Colada.

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        I discovered Teavana on a business trip to Dallas. I bought 4 varieties of tea that day and have since ordered on line and gone to the store in Boston... I also love Tealuxe.

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          Tealuxe is my favorite for loose teas. Great quality and fantastic assortment. Luckily, I live near it, so I can pop in whenever I want, but they do sell online as well.

      2. SpecialTeas is a lot like Upton Tea, but I think they have different suppliers. I like Oolong teas, and they always seem to have slightly different varities than Upton has. I buy whole leaf tea, and they are always of superior quality--just as advertised.

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          I agree....I purchase from both Upton & SpecialTeas & find them both excellent & ever-reliable...

        2. I have just discovered Teavana and I guarentee that you will love Almond Biscotti - it tastes EXACTLY like it smells. There is no aftertaste and the tea strengthens in flavor as it cools. Another one that is great is the Formosa Nut oolong. If you are looking for a great tasting green tea, try Dragonwell. I am no lover of green teas at all and I think this one is wonderful.

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            I finally ordered from Teavana and you're absolutely right about the Almond Biscotti. It's wonderful. I've also tried:

            - Rose Marzipan (my husband says it smells like bubble gum!)
            - Thai Tea Blend (okay but may be an acquired taste)
            - Orange Spice (very nice, no aftertaste as with others I've tried)
            - Spiced Mate (my absolute favourite)

            Also, my husband says their Earl Grey Creme is the best he's had so far. I still have unopened packages of Casablanca and organic Pu-erh to try. I'm not a big fan of green teas either except when I'm eating Japanese. I will try the Dragonwell next time I order from Teavana.

            Thanks for the suggestions!

          2. i ordered my rooibos from an onnline vendor called mysips - best price i could find and i'm very happy with the quality. and this was probably a year ago.

            my only gripe (if it could be called one) is that i had to order two pounds to get the best price, so i did, and i still haven't gotten through the first pound yet......granted, i had laid off my rooibos recently, but actually just made a big pitcher this morning (green and red mixed, with a couple of small bags of herbal rasberry thrown in, iced)