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Apr 6, 2007 09:14 PM

OC to Yosemite-any good eats?

I'm heading up to Yosemite from Orange County in a few weeks. I know a little coffee shop in Tulare, Apple Annie's for breakffast...but not much else. Any ideas where to find some good eats on the road? Not into chains, prefer something less corporate. Thanks...

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  1. List the highways you plan to travel and I'm sure someone can give you some ideas.

    1. Since you say Tulare I assume you are coming up the 99 and either entering through the south gate at Oakhurst or the west gate in Mariposa. Fresno has quite a few but are you wanting to stop and eat or basically just drive through? There have been a few suggestions in Oakhurst but I'm not sure how current they are.

      If you like Mexican I can suggest a small place in Delano just on the west side of 99 for breakfast.

      Jenny's (1110 Ellington). This is on west side of 99 between at the corner of 10th and Ellington - Ellington runs parallel to 99 on the west side.

      For lunch, you could do Armenian/Mediterranean in Fresno. There's George's downtown or Mediterranean Grill (?? - PB help me out here, I'm blanking on the name) off of Tulare. As an FYI, there's not much at all between Fresno and Oakhurst (maybe a few places in Coarsegold - you could stop at the casino) and once you go north of Oakhurst to the south gate - so if you plan to stop keep it in mind.

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        You got it, tavmark, it's the Mediterranean Grill & Cafe, 1031 'U' St., excellent Gryos, salads, etc. in the tiny strip mall across from the big-box office supply place. Easy on-off at Tulare/Divisadero St. from Hwy 41.

        If the OP decides on breakfast in either Delano or Tulare, keep in mind Fresno's only about an hour further up 99, and Oakhurst about another hour, to the best of my knowledge, there's nothing worth stopping for in Coarsegold. As fate woud have it, I had lunch during the noon rush hour at Don Pepe's yesterday and was invited by a couple of strangers to share their table since the place was bulging at the seams. Turns out they are from Oakhurst, so immediately got into "what's the current situation"? One of the fellows had grown up on the Mex-US border, so as expected his opinion of any of the 3 or so Mexican places up the hill was just so-so at best. He talked about his wife liking a rather pricey sushi place (sorry, forgot the name) but told me how to find a little hidden gen (right side of Hwy 41 in town) called Kyoto. The other interesting bit of news was that The Three Sisters has been taken over by a new Chef and his wife and my dining partner declared it to be quite good. Should note that after talking awhile that we shared many ideas about declicious food (e.g. prepared by someone that cares and fairly priced, where the location, ambiance take a second (if any) seat. I asked about Chrystal Falls and told it was still good, but is in that small portions with larger prices venue, nice and scenic however. The thing that convinced me that I was getting good information was the the name "Erna's" never came up. Google Oakhurst and the names of each for more info.

        After Oakhurst and into the park afraid there's not much to recommend, excecpt for Sunday brunch at the Ahwahnee. The Wawona has a big outdoor BBQ event on the lawn on Sat. (and Sun?), but not sure if that get's going earlier than Memorial weekend.

        Would strongly suggest avoiding the Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp for anything other that drinks and perhaps a light app unless there've been some significant changes in the past year or so.

        1. re: PolarBear

          >>"to the best of my knowledge, there's nothing worth stopping for in Coarsegold."

          We've had 2 good dinners at The Mining Company in Coarsegold recently. It's not a 4 or 5 star or worth a special trip. But it is 1 or 2 steps above almost everything else in the foothills and definitely should be considered when in the area.

          It is located in the old DD (the interior is remodeled to be more upscale but the sign has not been changed yet), on the west side of Highway 41 at the north end of town.

          I enjoyed their chicken breast in tarragon butter for dinner a few weeks ago.

          The web site is still under construction but here is a link to the breakfast menu, the only menu on the site so far.

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            Thanks for the heads up, FF. Always nice to hear of any decent options up that way.

          2. re: PolarBear

            Should have added, in case you're not in the express travel mode, might want to consider a litlle side loop east into North Fork and from there north on Rd 274 and stop in at the Pines for a drink a great view of Bass Lake, From there it's just 5 mi or so west back to Hwy 41 to continue N into Yosemite. (Note you'll miss the casino and the Oakhurst business traffic). In North Fork there is:

            La Cabana
            32754 Road 222
            North Fork
            10:30 AM - 3:00 PM Lunch
            4:30-7:30 Dinner
            10:30-7:30 Takeout window

            Dinner specials are excellent, but they have a great take out window as well, the cheeseburgers are quite popular.

            Here's some previous posts:


        2. I was thinking about this this morning and would also suggest the following for lunch in Fresno if you'd rather sit down for a bit (but not for too long).

          Lilly's - NE corner of Blackstone and Shaw - Armenian/mediterranean
          Max's Bistro - NE corner of Bullard and West - California cuisine style
          Bistro Rustico - NW corner of Palm and Bullard - bistro style

          Oh and one more thing, if you are coming in through the west gate in Mariposa, do a search of that city. I have heard there is a really good sit down, higher end place that's open for lunch, - a steak house I think - but I don't know the name.

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            One correction tavmark, Bistro Rustico is on the SW corner of Palm & Bullard, in the former digs of Bella Pasta. BTW, Lilly's is a new one to me, what do you recommend there, good shisk kebab, gyros, ... ?

            1. re: PolarBear

              Last time I was there I had the falafel which I was told was homemade. I liked it, but if you find it too dry (I did), just ask for some extra sauce.

          2. You should check out

            There is a restaurant section, plus other features that may help your travel plans.

            We have a lot of great restaurants in this area. You will be passing through Oakhurst. I suggest that you try The Narrow Gauge Inn! That is the best restaurant int he Yosemite Area!

            1. If you decide on a southern entrance and can afford: CHATEAU du SUREAU

     In Oakhurst, - off hwy 99 right b-4 you go down the hill into the town.

              I also highly recommend The Narrow Gauge Inn. I have been staying there 15 or so years. I no longer stay IN the park. The best units are at the bottom of their hill up against the forrest. If just for a meal, make sure they are open the day you want to visit. It's a good hour outside of the park entrance.

              This might interest you also:
              SIMONIAN FARMS South Clovis Avenue in Fresno, Calif. You’ll find everything from grapes and figs to peppers and sweet onions on land the family has worked for generations. (559) 237-2294,


              Have a great journey!