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Apr 6, 2007 09:11 PM

A Real Deli in North County San Diego????

Coming from NYC 35 years ago, I hated the delis in LA, but I got use to them. HOWEVER 2 years into living in North County I am convinced we MUST get one of them to move down here!!! Preferably that would be Factor's or Brent's. Don't tell me about DZ Akins- a poor excuse for a real deli. Milton's is none better and Herschel's was disgusting!!!! I've even resorted to buying Carnegie packaged pastrami at Costco. Is there any hope??? Maybe we could start a petition and mail it to the north. Seriously, does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I would strongly vote for bringing Brent's Deli down south! Given that they just opened a 2nd one in Westlake Village and are trying to keep up the crazy pace up there, I think it will be a long while before they consider coming south to SD. The best they can do is deliver down here, which they do. I have no idea what the delivery charge is, but we always order a ton of take out when we're up there and freeze it. Not quite the same as fresh, but certainly better than what's around down here!

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      have you tried Tip Top in Carlsbad?

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      1. Nada. It is a wasteland for deli here. I have Katz's fedexed from NYC for pastrami/tongue and Corky & Lenny's from OH for corned beef. Pricey, but the only real option. But you don't like Langer's pastrami?

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          I grew up in LA and I haved lived in SD for many years, and it always bothered me that someone would say, 'oh I want a good place, like you would find on the westside', and I felt that you could find a if not great, but good alternative in SD. However deli in north county does not fit the bill. Tip Top is good for some meats, but not really What I think you are looking for, and I have found some restaurants that do very good in house smoked salmon. but I found Miltons to be terrible. When I go visit my mom we go to Brents in the valley. You might just want to do a deli roadie.