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Apr 6, 2007 08:24 PM

Good Dim Sum

Open to any and all recs! Thanks! (coming from Texas, used to live in the Pacific, I love dim sum, know it well - getting boyfriend into it)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have tried a TON of dim sum-erias in and around NYC and Gum Fung, in Flushing has them all beat. The variety is impressive, but most of all, the quality of the ingredients they use is of the highest caliber. I always feel satisfied after eating there, without the bloated, greasy-queasiness I experience when dim summing at most other places. I agree with Varat that you should ask for puerh-lei cha (red tea), as it not only does aid in digestion, but it's strong, musty flavor doesn't overpower the flavor of the food, as much as the flowery-ness of jasmine tea (typically served) does. Gum Fung is on 39th, one block up from Main Street. Driving-there's a municipal lot across the street from the place (not so easy to park in it, however); subway (much easier), 7 train out of Grand Central to Main Street/Flushing station (very easy). I'm sure you'll enjoy this gem. As in most places, it starts to taper off by 2ish, so go early.

      1. dim sum go go
        5 east broadway
        dim sum served daily, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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          Second Dim Sum Go Go. More refined than the old-fashioned styled dim sum that you find in other restaurants in Chinatown. But it will be a long wait for dim sum lunch over the weekend.

          1. re: kobetobiko

            Third! Dim Sum Go Go is worth the wait. The other place I like is Mandarin Court. It's more traditional, but the quality is very high.

            1. re: anhdeluxe

              anhdeluxe, I'm right there with you...Mandarin Court for the traditional, and Dim Sum Go Go for the new...Go Go is my most recent favorite, in large part because it's a more clean version with more subtle flavors. Their duck dumplings and pork/veggie dumplings are unbeatable, IMO. PS. Go Go serves during the week and it's not nearly as CRAZY as it's gotten over the weekend. PPS. Tried Jing Fong on Elizabeth today and it was quite good -- I was impressed, considering the size; would try it again with more people to get more in!

              1. re: BeanCurdGirl

                OMG have you had the pork and chive dumplings at go go? I totally am with you on the duck dumplings. So good, as was the buddha's delight. Afterwards, I always go next door to Aji Ichiban to pick up snacks for the drive back to DC...

                1. re: anhdeluxe

                  AHHHH! Anh! Why are you obsessing over food instead of working?!? Do you really think Go Go is better than New Yeah?

                  1. re: windycity

                    C, I haven't really had the dim sum at New Yeah. But I promise I won't ever go anywhere else for soupy dumplings...

                    1. re: anhdeluxe

                      What is "New" Yeah?? Is it related to Yeah Shanghai?

        2. Frequent topic that comes up every week or two. Here's a recent thread.