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Apr 6, 2007 08:00 PM

The Place or The Place on W. 10th

I wanted to know if anyone has been either The Place or The Place on West 10th. I think they have the same owners, but the menus are different. Please share if you have been to either of them, and if you have been to both, which do you recommend?


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  1. I have been to both. The Place (on w4th) is a candlelit, old-world, romantic-type atmosphere. The Place on W. 10th is more modern seeming and more open and bright. The food at both was very good, but not outstanding.

    1. As far as the Place on W. 10th, I'd have to agree that while it's quite good, it's certainly not outstanding. They have a $22.00 early bird prix-fixe that I found to be a great value, and worth going there for, but the regular menu is pricey enough that you'd expect a little more.

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        Thanks for your replies. My boyfriend and I are going out with another couple and these looked good, but maybe we can do better. Looking for something with a variety of options to eat and entrees in the low-to-mid $20 range. Thought the W. Village could be different for us... any other suggestions?

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          have you tried piccolo angelo in the west village- its excellent although fairly small and loud. BTW both of "the place" s prix fix as mentioned above are excellent value in a nice setting

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            not sure if either fit your "variety of options" request but i'd look into Crispo on 14th or Piadina on w. 10th. opposite ends of the atmosphere spectrum but both good (italian) food and good places to sit with friends.

        2. I've been to the Place on West 10th. It is one of my favorite spots in the city. Friendly staff, consistently good food and wonderful for conversations with guests.