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Apr 6, 2007 07:44 PM

Lunch in Temecula? [moved from L.A. board]

Wondering if anyone has any rec's for lunch in/near Temecula. My wife's having a little get-together with her Mom and sisters for a casual birthday celebration. She's looking for something she characterized as "Fresh California Cuisine". Any suggestions would be most welcome !

Obviously she's hoping for something that's not your typical chain (a la Mimi's or Marie Callenders), if possible.

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  1. This is not my favorite cuisine so I can just tell you places w/o having any personal experience. Baily's in Old town, or any of the winery restaurants will probably be your best bet.

    1. Cafe Champagne at Thornton Winery !

      1. I really like the Smokehouse restaurant at Ponte. The wine is blech, but the food is pretty good and the outdoor cafe atmosphere is lovely. (just beware of flying napkins on a windy day in the valley).