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Apr 6, 2007 07:42 PM

LES, thrifty and romantic

so where would the hounders go on a sunday afternoon, LES or east village vicinity for drinks and dessert or just a slow tawdry lunch? any and all suggestions welcome!

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  1. I really like La Palapa on St. Marks. Higher end Mexican in a nice room. Great food and drinks.

    1. Lucien is fun in the's not thrifty but not too could drink some wine and snack on endive salad and escargot or split an entree, or some chocolate cake...

      1. LaPalapa is far from thrifty - for Mexican it's downright pricey. I would say Cafe Mogador, Moustache, maybe the new Westville East.

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        1. re: billyeats

          The brunch specials at La Palapa are priced at less than $13 and come with a bloody mary or mimosa. Hardly a wallet-buster

          1. re: KTinNYC

            No kidding - less than $13? That is a good deal. I have been for lunch & dinner and thought it was overpriced but that is a smokin brunch deal. Good to know!

        2. you're probably looking for something like Pink Pony - ludlow b/t houston and stanton. its related to lucien. the food is so so but you can hang out forever, have a glass of wine, a bite, dessert...

          my brunch picks in the area are:
          Le Jardin Bistro (french) - centre st (lafayette) b/t spring and kenmare
          Supper (italian) - 2nd st at ave A
          Freemans (new american) - freeman's alley (rivington) b/t bowery and chrystie, though it can get very crowded

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            thanks everyone- all are good options i think. freemnas sounds klike the best bes or maybe lucien.... i dont know.

            thanks again