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Apr 6, 2007 06:43 PM

Looking for a good dinner dining solo in Beverly Hills

I'll be staying at the Beverly Wilshire for one night next week and need a place to have dinner alone. I was thinking about Urasawa but don't want a 20-plus course dinner. I am now thinking about Cut. Does anyone have suggestions for a place with good food and atmosphere where I can eat at the bar?


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  1. If you don't have a reservation already at Cut, then don't plan on having your solo diner until 11pm. Try Doug Arango's on Mel;rose, They have a great bar that they serve dinner at. The food is delicious and well priced. Try the pizza, scallops with risotto, and they spicy tuna is a must have. They do a great NY steak with the "best fries in LA" according to City Search

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      Cut holds reservations back for guests of the hotel. As the OP is staying at the Beverly Wilshire, he could have the concierge get him one of the hotel's tables.

    2. There is a bar next to Cut whose bar menu comes from the same kitchen, and you can also order from the main Cut menu. Boulevards in the same hotel is a good place to linger over an extremely good hamburger. Urasawa is definitely friendly to the solo diner - the solo diner with $400 in his pocket - but Sushi Sushi is nearby on Beverly Drive, and is one of the best sushi bars in L.A., if not quite in the same league.

      1. A number of great choices nearby in addition to those mentioned: There are Enoteca Drago on Canon (near Little Santa Monica), Grill On The Alley (Dayton near Wilshire), Mako on S. Beverly (below Wilshire), Nic's Martini Bar on Canon (near Little Santa Monica), and Spago on Canon (near Wilshire).

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          I second Spago.

          They treat everyone so well... I bet they'd take extra special care.

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            Second the rec for Nic's and Enoteca Drago; I'll also throw in Il Pastaio.