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Apr 6, 2007 05:20 PM

Genroku in Dallas . . . Help Needed

Fellow Chowhounds,

My fiance and I are looking for an affordable sushi dinner this Saturday evening and we've heard from some friends that Genroku has cheap sushi (in addition to excellent Thai food). I also seem to remember that they might offer $1 sushi on Saturday's . . . but then again, maybe that's a different place (somewhere on Forest Lane?).

Can anyone please help shed some light on the Genroku experience? Is the sushi OK? Do they offer Saturday night $1 sushi (or is it the place on Forest - and if so, is that place any good - and what's the name of the business)?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. At the Genroku in arlington, i've had pleasant experiences. I think I had dollar sushis on wednesday and sunday, and i ordered hamachi and salmon and liked them both enough to go back some dollar days and some plain days-- but take my words with a grain of salt (drop of shoyu??) because some of my enthusiastic opinions tend to get shot down pretty quickly here!

    I'll say this: It's worth a try, skedhead!

    1. Genroku's sushi is fair in quality, and it's on the cheaper side, but I usually get something else when I go there.

      Sushiyama on Forest offers $1 sushi on Saturday nights. You can do a search on this board for previous reviews.

      1. Genroku has cheap sushi, but I'm not sure about sushi specials. Also, they don't serve thai food, they serve Taiwanese food, which is very very good. I only go there for the Taiwanese food actually. The salt and pepper tofu is de-lish.

        1. You are talking about Sushi Yama on Forest just east of TI blvd. They have Sushi 10 pieces for $10 on Tuesday's and Saturday. Sushi Yama is extremely traditional Japanese along with a wide variety of other Japanese foods.

          Genroku is very good but really another kind of Sushi Bar. It has very good Chinese food served basically tapas style along with reasonably good sushi. Is it the best Sushi in town, nope, but the combination of good sushi with very good Chinese is great.

          I would highly recommend Sushi Yama if you strictly feel like good quality sushi cheap. If you feel like having a few beers and having a meal that takes you to the far east to to Genroku.

          1. Also, Genroku's $1 sushi specials are on sunday and wednesday, I think between 11 and 1:30 PM.

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              Genroku is pretty good. Decent affordable sushi in a good area to lots of different types of Asian food.