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Apr 6, 2007 04:41 PM

Scrapple in Phoenix

Does anyone know of any place that serves scrapple? I've been having a craving for it lately.

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  1. If you don't get any responses in the affirmative, which I kind of suspect will be the case (I could be wrong), you might have to resort to mail order. Take a look at Kunzler's - a Lancaster, PA institution.

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      1. re: ciaogal

        A co-worker has seen some brand or another at the Wal-Mart SuperStore grocery. I think I've seen Jones Farm in the cold breakfast case at Fry's.

        Just had another co-worker return from family trip to Penn-Dutch country. She brought me back a few pounds made with buffalo meat. YUM !

    1. I don't know of a place that serves it, but Albertson's sells it. When the store near us was closing down, the woman in front of me in line must've had 10 blocks of it.

      1. at the risk of outing myself as culinarily challenged, what on earth is scrapple??

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        1. re: winedubar

          From what I've seen, you're not missing out on much. I've never had personally, but my Penna. friends used to rave about it. Here's the scoop from Wikipedia:

          "Scrapple is typically made of hog offal, such as the head, particularly the heart, liver, and other scraps, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth. Once cooked, bones and fat are discarded, the meat is reserved, and (dry) cornmeal is boiled in the broth to make a mush. The meat, finely minced, is returned, and seasonings, typically sage, thyme, savory, and others are added. The mush is cast into loaves, and allowed to cool thoroughly until gelled. The proportions and seasoning are very much a matter of the region and the cook's taste."

          mmmmmm. Is your stomach rumbling yet?

          1. re: grrlscout

            omg!!!! initially i was repulsed by then quickly reminded myself its not much different than my yearly corndog at the state fair :D

            sure sounds kinda gross tho ;)

        2. Yeah, it's definately an acquired taste. I was turned on by my step-dad, who's from Philadelphia. You slice it about 1/2 inch thick and fry it on a griddle about ten minutes each side. Good with ketchup, but it's best not to think about what goes into it.
          I know a few stored around town sell it, but I was hoping maybe some PA transplant had opened a restaurant and was serving it.

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          1. re: ajs228

            I was in the Fry's at Dunlap and Cave Creek tonight (always an adventure!) and spotted Scrapple in their frozen food aisle. I stared at it for a minute trying to remember where I had seen that word before. Then I remembered, Chowhound!! But, my discovery doesn't seem like it will help you, ajs228, since you were seeking a place that served it. But, for future reference, if you want to purchase some it is at Fry's on the second shelf from the bottom next to the Morning Star products in the frozen food aisle. ;-)

            1. re: ajs228

              I've seen it at several Basha's by the breakfast sausages. If you make it at home you should try flouring it first before you fry it. It makes a nice crispy crust. I'm from Philly and scrapple is one of my favorites. I used to bring it back in my suitcase before I found it at Basha's.

              1. re: arizonagirl

                LOL! I wonder what the luggage screeners at the airport thought about that!!!

                1. re: pickychick

                  They were probably too busy trying to figure out what the bags of grated cheese and the the foil wrapped sticks of pepperoni were :-)

            2. I finally found Scrapple!! Bashas' at 7th street and Union Hills..It is made by Jones but that is ok.I bought 10 yesterday and immediately cooked one up! mmmmm. They are not priced to bad, $3.15 for a package,I have been on this quest for 6 years after Albertsons in Surprise stopped carrying it/ordering it.Good Luck and Enjoy.In the freezer section,i think with the breakfast stuff.You will find it.If they are out it is because i bought it all.They said they always' stock it. ;)

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              1. re: ginger1959

                via @poshrestaurant on Twitter...

                POSH LATE NITE: Scrapple and eggs with green chili, Crab and red curry mac n cheese, veggie frechiladas....(crepe enchiladas) drink specials

                1. re: azhotdish

                  Bingo! It only took 3 years from my original post :-)
                  Do you know what time the Late Night kicks in?

                  1. re: ajs228

                    10p - close. Sorry , should have mentioned that. The late night menu rotates every week on Thursdays.