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So maybe Pink Taco isn’t the best Mexican Food in Scottsdale?

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Saw this article posted on azcentral.com today – Harry Morton has hired a new chef. The link to the full article is below but here is my favorite quote:

"I believe that we have some of the best drinks and a great looking crowd, but atmosphere alone isn't good enough. We want the best food, too," he [Morton] said.



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  1. How ironic considering that Morton told us in an interview before Pink Taco opened that there was no good Mexican food available in the PHX Metro Area.

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      I drove by the Pink Taco Today... by the crowd on the patio...you would think they were giving something away for free....I just don't get it!

    2. Maybe Morton should be adding crow to the menu.

      1. Chorizo stuffed with cheese wrapped with bacon? ¿Como se dice "greasebomb" en español? Maybe while he's at it he can add liquid smoke and caramels to it a la Homer Simpson.

        If that and a bacon cheeseburger with queso menonita (gosh!) are what constitute improvements to the menu, I can only assume it's in pretty dire shape already.

        OK. I'm putting away my snark for the evening. ;-)

        1. He wants to have great Mexican food, so he brings someone in from...


          Who was working at a Mexican chain based out of New York City. (cue cowboys around a campfire: "NEW YORK CITY!?")

          Who went to Scottsdale Culinary.

          It is now 4:45, I'll be snickering about this until at least 5.

          A bit of extra background on Chef Slattery, now of Pink Taco: He got his start through his grandma, who ran a Hungarian catering business in Dayton, Ohio. He went to SCI, then back to Ohio to be the chef at a high end steak house. Apparently (at least according to his bio that I found), the Hungarian cooking has him primed for doing Mexican food because they both involve slow cooking, multidimensional flavors, and a subtle layering of said flavors. Um... right.

          1. I read this article and almost spit out my Diet Coke. I can't wait to see the see-and-be-seen crowd scarfing down hot dogs out on the patio - I'm sure those will go over real well. Kobe beef + mexican cheese + chipotle mayo = Mexican food? I think not. What a joke this place is.

            1. i laughed when i read this too...to open a restaurant and have the FOOD be the last think about? no thanks, i stick to places that are about the food.

              1. Is it popular?

                We did a spin through the new complex not too long ago.

                Olive & Ivy was packed, but I didn't get the sense most were eating. We enjoyed some nice happy hour apps/service/bar chatter with patrons at Wildfish. The patrons there seemed more focused on eats + drinks. We popped into Pink Taco and it was dead. Even the bar. We had a drink and left, feeling bad for the place. It seems a forced vibe. Don't get me wrong - I love a great bar. It's just too bad their target is the Federline/tourist crowd because when it's 110 degrees, the locals want a cool place to hang.

                1. To follow the comments, that so many have penned, it's NOT about the food. Morton did it right, for the crowd, that he wanted/wants to attract - get the press there first. In hopes of becoming the object of the paparazzi, most of these folk will eat anything, a la Survivor. In discussions concerning food, the PT would be way, way down on the subject list. However, it does offer fodder for great parody.

                  As someone, earlier on, pointed out, with in-crowd magnets, like this, there will be available tables elsewhere for the rest of us. And, the noise level at these other spots should be a lot lower too! Maybe Morton is doing a great service to 'hounds in the PHX/Scottsdale Area.


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                    Good point. It's nice to have a few fly traps around town to keep the buzzing to a minimum at the places that are worth eating at.

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                      Far be it from me to be a Pink Taco defender, but the food really isn't *bad*...it's just mediocre. Although I do have to say the chips and salsa are top-notch, and I like the general feel of the place inside (when it's not completely packed with beautiful people).

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                        Maybe one should loudly announce that a Gucci truck has overturned on Camelback, so they could see the design of the place.

                        Actually, I have to admit that I have not dined there, and base my reflexive responses soley on the reviews of the stalwarts here on this board. I should not poke fun, until I have "paid my dues." Mea Culpa! (It's just that the spot has set itself up with such a large target on its back... sorry.)


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                          lol - bill i thought that was inspired....:D