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Apr 6, 2007 03:03 PM

Dinner for 4, Sat night NYC. Where?

Looking for great cocktails to start the evening and then a delicious lingering fun dinner with another couple. Anywhere in the city works for us. Not too loud but some people watching and activity a+.

Just a fun night out focusing on the food and atmosphere. Pricing can be moderate to semi high. NOT Per Se pricing.

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  1. Da Silvano, Asia de Cuba, Nobu Next Door (although that one probably will not be lingering)

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    1. re: nokitsch

      I was going to suggest Asia de Cuba as well, but it is definitely a loud place. Great for people watching though.

        1. re: kobetobiko

          For future reference, what are your reviews of Megu?

          1. re: pulled pork

            Megu is a great place for fun and "to-see-and-to-be-seen" type of dining. The decor is magnificent and very chic, so that itself will generate enough conversations with your friends over the course of dinner and afterwards. I found their kobe beef dishes to be better than the others, and most dishes tend to be quite small. They have some interesting preparation like grilling on a stone, etc. and therefore it is a fun experience, but it is not a "serious" dining occasion (and that I mean like tasting menu at say Jean George and such). The dishes are pricey for its portion, and your bills add up very quickly.

            I think it is worth going when you want to hang out with some friends and have some fun and good time, but not the right place for a culinary experience. That said, the food is better than most of those gimmicky gigantic places like Taos or Ono.