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Apr 6, 2007 02:46 PM

Chocolate trip in the city & Hot Chocolate

I took a trip into the Boston area today. Originally I had planned to visit Taza chocolates, thinking they had a cafe. I had heard/thought that they had a place in Central Square where you could sit and have hot cocoa and eat chocolates. I was bummed out to find that the place didn't really exist. I called to find out what the deal was, and they told me they only have a meeting once in a while in central square where people can do that. Their factory is in Sommerville, and they dont' have a shop there either.

So I went to Temper Chocolates on Com. Ave. I got some chocolates, and had a hot cocoa. It was okay. Interestingly, I like their chocolates more than Burdick's, but I like Burdick's cocoa more than Temper's.

Then, I had a craving for Burdick's hot chocolate. So on my way back home, I went to Harvard square and got one. Yum. But I didn't bother getting chocolates. I did, however, stop in at Cardullo's and buy some Dolfin. I was going to get Lake Champlain Small World Truffles, but there weren't any.

Are there any other places I could try for my chocolate/hot chocolate fix? I actually live in Worcester County, but I don't think there's any place out here. I go in to the city from time to time.

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  1. Wow, you ARE a chocoholic..that's a lot of cocoa for 1 day. You would certainly do well at Le Meridien Hotel's Chocolate Buffet- for the next time you are in Boston. Also, have you checked out Finale? Can't think of any in the Marlborough area either, but I used to work in Tyngsboro and there was a restaurant called Martha's Exchange that had a great little confectionary - not that this helps you in Worcester. Sorry.

    1. Taza chocolates takes over Mariposa Bakery only on Thursday nights. You can get their chocolate bars at Temper Chocolates.

      1. One other place in the neighborhood is Serene Chocolates, 1105 Mass. Ave.between Centraland Harvard Square - lower level- by Dolphin Seafood? They carry La Tene chocolates, also made in Somerville with terrific, distinct flavors.

        I too stopped at the Mariposa Bakery today - hoping to buy a Taza bar. I know the chocolate lounge is Thursday, but I'm really looking forward to trying their bar!

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          I bought a Taza bar at Temper Chocolates. I haven't tried it yet. I also bought three interesting and delicious Vosges Bars: Calindia Bar, Naga Bar, and the Red Fire bar. They are totally awesome!

          1. re: puppymomma

            Vosges is my favorite - particularly the Red Fire bar. Glad to know I can find them at Temper, which is closer to home for me than Cardullo's.

          2. re: pastrytroll

            Make that another vote for La Tene chocolates. Great technique.

            The Taza bar I got a few weeks ago was a blend of Costa Rican and iirc Mexican chocolate. They've focused on cultivating direct relationships with growers in Central and South America, so expect blends with beans from these regions. Pretty good temper, a pleasant snap when breaking, melts to a rich and luxuriant texture, not super finely ground, with occasional bits of the bean that gives off a microscopic raw crunch that I like. Robust earthy flavour in the front, a toney sour fruit and then a fairly long finish.

            1. re: limster

              I just tried it and it exceeded my expectations. I'm not good at describing the flavor, but it is really nice. It has sweet undertones (Does that make sense? It's chocolate flavor is sweeter than the chocolate flavor of others, and not only because of the sugar). I will get it again.

              1. re: puppymomma

                Great to hear you liked it too! Have you tried the Arriba Plantations chocolate, also available at Temper? One of my favourites.

          3. offhand it seems like you hit all the hotspots, but you might try contacting this girl, as she's the queen of chocolate in the boston area...


            1. It's not as good as Burdick's, but Peet's Coffee actually makes a really good hot chocolate as well. You can check one out in Newton, without having to go all the way to Boston.

              And while you're there, I'd recommend stopping in at Marty's Liquors on Washington St. to fill up your chocolate fix. At easily the best prices around, they sell Valrhona chocolate in bulk, Valrhona cocoa, Caillebaut chocate bits in 4 different levels of bittersweetness, and a whole range of chocolate bars. I almost never buy liquor there (the cheese counter is good as well, BTW), but I get all my chocolate there.

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                Good call - I like Peet's hot chocolate too - although I always seem to brave the crowds and madness @ Burdick. I've been shameless enuf to hover standing, half-hidden by the entry curtain, behind seated patrons with my cup of dark & milk. Have you been to Flour Cafe & Bakery in the South End? After a stupid treck in bonechilling wind (got off wrong stop off bus), I ran in here to get warm and discovered flaky pastry and a nice, thick, bittersweet cup of dark chocolate. I was trying to get to the dentist, so this did not go unpunished.

                There's a Beacon Hill Chocolates..looks like a truffle shop, i've never been..just talking out loud...

                1. re: TanQ10

                  Beacon Hill Chocolates is a truffle shop - solid, but not the best I've ever had. Also really big on the whole cutesy boxes thing, which made them my perfect target for yankee swaps this winter. Don't think they sell hot chocolate though.