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Apr 6, 2007 02:26 PM

Brunch in Lakeview/Lincoln Park?

I'm looking for a good place for brunch on Sunday near Belmont and Broadway. Any good suggestions?

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  1. Jack's on Halsted (Belmont and Halsted) - very good food with a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

    Orange (Clark, just North of Belmont) - good, kind of funky food. Known for pancake flights, frushi (fruit sushi) and squeezed-to-order juice combos. Beware - on the weekends the place is packed and there are long waits.

    Ann Sathers (Belmont) - known for their cinnamon rolls.

    1. SuzMiCo's suggestions are excellent ones, all close by. One other nearby place worth mentioning is North Pond, in Lincoln Park on the other side of Diversey.

      This topic has a fairly comprehensive discussion of brunch places:

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        Joey's Brickhouse on Belmont has $12 AYCE brunch on Saturday with $1 drinks (mimosa, bloody mary's)...

        food's not that great but... it's just such a great party atmosphere you can't beat it after 3 drinks...

        o wait. n'mind. you specified Sunday.. uhhh.. drive down a wee bit to Sweets and Savories' prix-fixe. far superior to Ann Sather/Orange/Insert-over-hyped-brunch-joint-in-Chicago-here