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Apr 6, 2007 02:08 PM

Best liquor store in Westchester for fine spirits?

What is the best liquor store in Westchester for fine spirits. I go to several places in NYC like Astor and Lenell's but I am curious about here in WC. I am looking for places that have some of the more difficult to find items, especially gin and rum, as well as bourbon, single malts, and liqueurs. Thanks

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  1. Try Zachy's in Scarsdale and Bev-Max in Portchester.

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    1. re: momof3

      Thanks momof3 for the post but I am looking for stores that have a really good selection of fine spirits. Ones that are a bit unusual and not found in run of the mill stores, but ones who specialize.

      Zachys is basically wine. They have a very small and poor spirits selection. When I commented on their poor spirits selection they actually told me that they only sell spirits as a convenience to local customers, otherwise they would only sell wines.

      Bev-Max may be large, but it doesn't have a selection of fine spirits. I checked them indepth online and they didn't have anything interesting or of above normal/poor store selection.

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        Suburban in Yorktown has a pretty good selection of bourbons,vodkas and liquers. I am not a gin drinker, so can't comment on that.

    2. Last year I had to put together a tasting of Russian Vodkas--all exclusive, elusive and hard to get. No one stocks them, but Varmax in Port Chester was able to order them for me. It took only a few days--less than a week to get what I wanted. NY State (like every state) publishes a list of what is allowed to be imported. Because it's NY they allow almost everything to be imported (CT isn't as in-depth). Look in that book and they'll order whatever you want. I researched the brands on line then went to Varmax and placed my order. That's how you get hard to find spirits.

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        Actually, Stew Leonard's in Yonkers has a pretty big selection. They keep some stuff separate. I have no idea what you're looking for, but you could call them and ask? They're pretty helpful there, and as Scotty said, I think they'll order stuff in if you ask.

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          I have friends in the biz who can order stuff for me, at wholesale prices, but sometimes I just want to walk into a store and browse. That's more than 1/2 the fun.

          Stew's has a big selection, but not an interesting or very fine selection of spirits. They don't have a single interesting gin, rum (except for pyrat xo and pistol), their single malts are ok but nothing rare, they have a lousy bourbon selection...

      2. Westchester Wine Warehouse on Tarrytown Rd. in White Plains (across from Stickley/Audi has an excellent selection, more extensive than Varmax.