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Apr 6, 2007 02:03 PM

No Skillet Tarte Tatin?

I want to make a tarte tatin tomorrow evening to be served with a nice hungarian tokaji dessert wine... however, I do not own a cast iron pan nor skillet. Does anyone have a fairly easy tarte tatin recipe that does not require a skillet? Also, can any part of the recipe be made beforehand and continued later, just before serving?


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  1. You can definitely make it a head of time and reheat without a problem - I'll try to find an old post of mine with my technique to prevent the crust from getting soggy. However, I've only ever made it in a cast iron pan - about the only thing I use mine for - so I hope others can chime in, since making it (at least with the methods I know) requires both time on the burner and in the oven.

    Edit - here's the link to my "make ahead" tips.

    1. You could probably fake it by carmelizing the apples on the stove, transferring to a round cake pan and then topping with the crust to finish.

      However, I think a tarte tatin is best made with the right equipment. So, since you are without, why not just make a good pie crust (or use puff pastry), carmelize apples and spread them on the crust, and fold over to make a rustic apple pie? Seems like it would have the same components, just an easier method and different look.

      1. You can make it in a brulee ramekin. The short sided ones. Caramelize your apples, put in ramekin, top w/ puff pastry. Poke holes in the dough so they don't get too high. Bake at 350 until puff is golden brown & apples are bubling.

        1. Place thin slices of cold butter (about 1/2 a stick in all) on the bottom of a 9" cake pan. Sprinkle 1/4 C sugar into pan and spread it around the bottom evenly. Place apple slices on the sugar. Place on low fire til sugar is melted and turns a nice terra cotta color. Take off heat. Flip a circle of pricked puff paste on top and tuck edges into pan. Bake at 400 degrees until puff paste is golden brown. Let cool on rack for 10 min. then invert onto plate.

          1. Go to a hardware store and buy a cast iron skillet. It will be the best $12.00 you've ever spent.