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Apr 6, 2007 01:57 PM

Update on the Village Idiot??

Has anyone been here recently? I've only heard some not so great things about it.

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  1. I was there a couple of days ago. It was reasonably full at 6pm, service was excellent. I had dinner plans for later on that night so I only tried the shrimp fritters which were very good.

    1. I went a few weeks ago and loved my burger and side of brussel sprouts with bacon. The other folk at my table really liked the food as well (most of them ordered fish and chips). I thought that the service was very good. Nice space.

      1. i ate there 1.5 months ago. fish and chips were bland. low quality or frozen fish. mussels over cooked and way too salty... might go back for the burger if i was in the neighborhood.

        1. the curry pie is good. decent beer selection too.

          1. cool, fun atmosphere. But the fish and chips were very mediocre.

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              I went for lunch today and had the burger and fries. We walked in at 12:30 and were the only ones in the restaurant, making us think it was closed.
              We both had the burger with gruyere medium rare and fries. The burger was very tasty, cooked a true medium. I order burgers medium rare because I'm happy with them medium rare or medium but not medium well which is what a lot of places default to when medium is requested.
              The fries were very good as well and the service was extremely friendly and prompt.
              Burgers, because they now can make or break a restaurant like this, have gotten better in the last 5 years. Not long ago, this burger would've stuck out but now burgers of this quality are fairly common and expected.