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Apr 6, 2007 01:41 PM

Today I can go anywhere for lunch

Have the day off - and I'm finished with my taxes! Right now, I'm in West Hollywood, but I don't mind driving 30 min to and from. Just feel like something fun and tasty. I was thinking Beacon or Hungry Cat..what do you think?

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  1. try mozza. you'll actually be able to get a seat if you go around 3 or 4.

    1. Someplace Fun & Tasty in WeHo? Well my friend met his wife for the first time at the bar at Chaya: however, at this time of day, that sort of lively activty will probaby be in 1st gear, but I could be wrong!?

      1. Are you getting a (hefty) refund?

        If so, head to Spago.

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          hehe - we headed to hungry cat which was closed for lunch and ended up at bowry bar - which had better wine by the glass than i can