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Apr 6, 2007 01:38 PM

BonTon? Not BonTon Cafe

I will be travelling to New Orleans on Thursday and a friend who is from New Orleans suggested I go to the BonTon. He made a point to say that he is not refering to the BonTon Cafe on Magazine near the quarter.

I beleive this Bon Ton is also on Magazine but closer to Audubon Park. I am guessing it is more like a tavern and also serves oysters.

Has anyone ever heard of this place??

Thank you!

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  1. I think they mean Le Bon Temps, a bar in the 4800 block of Magazine. They do serve bar food and oysters (they used to be free on Fridays for happy hour, haven't been lately), and have free live music many nights. Fun place.

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      I understand that Andre Kodrescu (spelling probably wrong) of NPR hangs out there. That is, at Le Bon Temps. But I'd also try Cafe Bon Ton, the one your friend distinguished. Food there is great. And for staff, ask for Joy. Tell her the bald-headed judge who brings her bread from Gulfport recommended it. Get the Bon Ton salad with grilled oysters, turtle soup, and enjoy the bar.

      1. re: carterbise

        Thank you for the info!

        I may be by Cafe Bon Ton too. If so, I will pass on your info. It is French Quarter Festival and I dont know if I wll be out for as many meals as is typical.

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          Ahhhh,Bon Ton,the soft shell crab work they do there is very fine.We all ate like kings there last August and escaped for under a hundred buck[3 hungry hounds]