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What great cocktails can be made with Hendrick's gin?

Just got a bottle and have only made very dry martinis with it using cucumber instead of an olive.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  1. It really isn't a cocktail type gin. The flavors are mild and subtle and it is best enjoyed on the rocks or in a very dry martini. That said you can use it in any gin based cocktail like an Aviation, Negroni, Pink gin, Ramos gin fizz, etc.

    Or you can try these Hendrick's specific cocktails from their website

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      I have to say that I have changed my mind. At Tales of the Cocktail a few weeks ago in New Orleans I tried quite a few Hendrick's cocktails crafted by the amazing mixologists Dale Degroff and Charlotte Voisey, among others. Definitely go to the Hendrick's site and try some of the cocktails.


    2. I agree that Hendricks is best in a martini. And I like it with olives, a twist, or however you usually get your martini. I would not mix it with fruit juice, since it is a good gin with a very subtle flavor.

      1. I just got a bottle yesterday and I have to say, just by itself with a bit of ice and some slices of cucumber is superb...!

        1. If you have to mix it, you could use a good tonic - like the one made by Whole Foods - or better yet, an artisan brand like Q. Use a small tonic to gin ratio, like 2:1, in an old fashined glass with a wedge of lime or slice of lemon. You'll still appreciate the high quality of the gin this way.

          1. It does work very well with a good tonic or in dry martinis with cucmbers (or olives or onions).

            But it's nice in a Negroni, or better yet a Bijou:

            2 oz Hendrick's
            1 oz green Chartreuse
            .75 oz sweet vermouth
            2 dashes orange bitters

            Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon or orange twist.

            Or since it works well with cucmber, try this drink:

            2 oz Hendrick's
            1 oz apple or apricot brandy
            .75 oz apple juice

            Shake with ice and a few cucmber slices, strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with cucumber slice.

            1. It's too good of a gin to mix.A very dry martini, or with some good ice and a slice of cucumber only.

              1. I agree that it is martini gin. Nevertheless, it makes a fine bloody mary!

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                  I always thought the gin version was called a Red Snapper...

                2. Mix it with whatever you like. Good ingredients make for good results.

                  Sure, you'll miss out on some of the subtlety of the flavors of the gin, but the end result will still beat using some cheap "well" liquor.

                  1. after a couple days (and mixes) with this gin, i have to say -- its not a good mixing gin. its really known for its cucumber tones, and cucumber just doesn't stand out very much by itself. so although it could be mixed in normal gin concoctions, its kind of a waste.
                    at the same time, i haven't really developed a taste for hendrick's. i think i'll probably go back to bombay sapphire after this. cucumber is nice and all that, but i want a gin with the real juniper tones in it -- real taste!

                    1. Doesn't this have to presume you like Hendrick's in the first place? ;^)

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                        Taken from the LA Times:

                        "BLT Steak wine and beverage director Colin Campbell has put his Cucumber, Gin and Sherry Twist on the cocktail menu at Laurent Tourondel's newest BLT Steak on Sunset Boulevard.

                        "The vegetal, sweet aroma in cucumber melds well with the anise aspect of the gin," Campbell says. (He uses Hendrick's gin, which has a floral character.) "And the sherry -- it's a dry sherry that creates an underlying flavor with not too much sweetness, a third dimension that goes well with the cucumber and gin. And the finish -- that nutty, delicate, crisp finish -- it's perfect with gin."

                        I also remember seeing a drink made with Hendricks, cucumber (of course), and yuzu (a japanese citrus). Never got around to trying it.

                        That being said, it IS hard to go wrong with a dry hendricks martini garnished with a cucumber.

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                          Again, I would merely say that this presupposes one likes Hendrik's in the first place. I don't see anything in your reply that changes that prerequisite.


                      2. David rosengarten had a teriffic recipe that's a little labor intensive but(with a few minor alterations-I cna't ever leave a recipe alone) really delicious, for a cucumber/jalapeno gimlet. Essentially you make a jalapeno simple syrup, then puree a couple of peeled and seeded cuccmbers and strain them to get the juice and combine with lime juice and Hendricks stir over ice and serve up with a cucumber spear and lime slice. It was published in the Rosengarten's Table in the summer of 2005, I think.

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                          I will second that as a drink people will remember.

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                            That sounds like a drink - that I love - that is served at the Bread Bar in NYC.

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                              Hmm, perhaps iy is something different you have in mind (what with the jalapeno), but if it's the Bread Bar's Lime Drop you mean (w/gin and lime), I have the recipe somewhere.

                        2. I used to think it wasn't a good mixing gin (to the point where I'd want it neat) but the bar at XIX here in Philly makes some sort of cucumber-gin-mojito thing that's a mix of Hendricks, cucumber juice, lime juice and mint leaves. Wow. It's very, very refreshing and you don't lose the gin taste in it.

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                            joypirate, that sounds good. Do you know how they make it--the ratio of ingredients?

                          2. I had a cucumber gimlet last summer at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco that I really enjoyed. I think they made their own cucumber-infused gin, but I think Hendrick's would work as well (they also serve a cucumber-infused vodka version). Here's the recipe:
                            Cucumber “Gimlet”
                            1 ¾ oz. Cucumber-infused gin
                            ¾ oz. Lime Juice
                            ¼ oz. Elderflower syrup
                            1 dash Orange bitters
                            Float of Champagne
                            Method: In an ice filled mixing glass, combine ingredients (except Champagne). Shake and strain into cocktail glass (Martini glass). Add float of Champagne.
                            Garnish: Three cucumber slices.

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                              Thanks for the recipe, Katherine. I was looking for something to do with my Hendrick's using what I had on had. I left some cubed cucumber in the gin for a bit. It is delicious and refreshing in this hot weather!

                            2. In addition to all the Cucumberiffic cocktails mentioned already - give a try to a "La Colonialle" - Hendricks and Canton's Ginger. The recipe calls for a 3:2 ratio (Hendricks:Canton) but I prefer it more ginny - I'll usually just drop some Hendricks on the rocks with a drizzle of Canton.

                              Another I had recently was the "St. Germain 75" (a variation on the French 75) at The Modern, the restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art - St. Germain's, Hendrick's, and Champagne. Dunno the official ratios, but I made something fairly close trying at home - 1 oz St. G, 1.5 Hendrick's, 2 oz Champagne or other sparkler (use a VERY DRY one to counter the sweetness of the St. G)

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                                Xavier Padovani (Global brand ambassador for Hendrick's) mixed up a cocktail for me a couple of weeks ago... and now for the life of me I can't find the piece of paper with the directions!
                                It was from the late 1800's, originated in the deep south - New Orleans?- and had the following ingredients:
                                -heavy cream (whipping cream for my southern cousins)
                                -lemon juice
                                -orange bitters
                                -raw egg
                                -touch of soda
                                -and Hendrick's

                                This was then shaken by hand fro 10-15 minutes until you could no longer hear the ice in the shaker. It was a stiff drink - a spoon stood up straight in the glass.


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                                  That sounds like a Ramos Gin Fizz except that it has orange flower water, not orange bitters.

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                                  the elderflower thing seems to be floating around some of the good cocktail places.... what better gin to pair it with? i also like to use lillet on variances on the martinez. st germain or lillet are perfect with hendricks. let your imagination run wild from there

                                3. Also, just to keep Hendricks natural flavors kicking, I've tried it on the rocks with some sparkling water, a few cucumber slices, and a couple of drops of rosewater. Subtle and refreshing.

                                  1. oh--and if you ever see this, try it: there is some company in the midwest that makes a little can of cucumber flavored soda. Perfect with Hendricks. Don't know the name, but in case you ever run across it...

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                                      i had a bartender making me ridiculously strong hendrick's g&t' the other night. in a short rocks glass he would put an overly generous pour of hendricks, some lime juice, adn in what little room remained in the glass a tiny splash of tonic. you could still taste the unique hendricks flavor.

                                      it's good to befriend your bartender

                                      1. re: thew

                                        "it's good to befriend your bartender" - words to live by!
                                        I stock about a dozen gins in my cabinet, and Hendricks is by far my favorite.
                                        Nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a Hendricks and tonic, with a sprig of fresh mint.
                                        I miss summer already.

                                    2. Hendricks is great on the rocks with a lemon twist, a sprig of rosemary and a few dashes of bitters.

                                      1. We tried a "Mayfair" at the Temple Bar in Boston. Recipe is from the Hendrick's website. It's Hendricks with cukes, lemon and simple syrup. Loved it so much we ordered it at another resto in town. They looked up the recipe and made us one (actually, TWO) The owner tasted a bit from the shaker, and said they might add it to their specialty drinks menu. I think the barkeep at Temple may have muddled the cukes a bit. If I were to make it myself, I'd do that, and also try swapping lime for the lemon.

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                                          While you're tinkering with variations, consider that fresh herbs (cilantro, basil, flat leaf parsley, hell, even chives or tarragon) can be used as either a subtle, yet flavorful, garnish or muddled into the drink for a bit more pronounced flavor.

                                        2. My favorite summer sipper is a cross between a gin rickey and a g & t . Hendricks on the rocks with fresh squeezed lime(1/2 or a whole lime depending on mood).Top with Whole Foods tonic.A big step up from Schweppes or Canada Dry.Haven't sprung for the high end stuff like Q or Fever Tree yet.Garnish with a couple of cucumber slices and a wedge or two of lime.Repeat as needed.Nothing fancy,but it sure hits the spot.

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                                            I had a great Hendrick's martini at Seta in Whittier, Ca. w muddled cucumber and basil and simple syrup. But I don't have the recipe. Can anyone guess what the mix might be?

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                                              So it had dry vermouth in it (since it's a Martini)? I'd make your usual Martini ratio, but with a reasonable amount of vermouth (maybe 3:1 or 2:1) , then say one slice of cucumber (they are surprisingly strong in flavor) and a basil leaf lightly brused. Maybe 1/2 tsp simple to counter the excess vermouth. Good, fresh vermouth would be key.

                                              It sounds better to me without the simple, though.

                                          2. Fresh strawberry goes rather nicely with it, and plays off of the rose element of the infusion. A little basil or spearmint doesn't hurt either. Stir some crushed strawberry, a touch of simple syrup, and either herb with some Hendrick's and cracked ice, strain over fresh ice, and top with good tonic and a lime twist. SGTs have gotten to be a new summer standard among a few of my friends.

                                            1. Cucumber/Lime/Cilantro Gin Fizz
                                              I seriously love this drink

                                              1 serving

                                              * 2 slices peeled cucumber, plus 1 unpeeled slice for garnish
                                              * 6 fresh mint leaves
                                              * 2 sprigs fresh cilantro
                                              * 2 teaspoons turbinado sugar
                                              * 1 ounce fresh lime juice
                                              * 2 ounces cucumber-infused gin (such as Hendrick's)
                                              * 3 to 4 ounces club soda

                                              Place the peeled cucumber slices, mint, cilantro and sugar in a cocktail shaker and muddle. Add the lime juice and gin. Fill the shaker halfway with ice and shake vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes (this seems like a long time, but it's essential).

                                              Fill a cocktail glass with fresh ice. Strain the drink into the glass, top with the club soda and garnish with a cucumber slice.

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                                              1. re: DMW

                                                Thanks DMW

                                                We will consider making this drink, we just need to come up with a name

                                                Looks like a Hendricks Mojito?

                                                1. re: ginreviews

                                                  Yep, it is certainly along the lines of a Mojito. The name is not mine -- the recipe is from Ann Burrel on Food Network (got it from a friend who made these). I think she called it a cucumber gin fizz.....

                                                  In my mind, this is just an excellent summer drink for lounging around outside (can't wait!) and is very refreshing. I personally love cilantro, and I like this flavor combination.

                                                2. re: DMW

                                                  Thanks so much for posting that, sounds great- I will try it!

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                                                    We went to buy the ingredients at the store but we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money Hendrick's Gin. So we still haven't found a good cocktail for Hendrick's :(

                                                    1. re: ginreviews

                                                      It doesn't look as if you will *ever* find it unless you buy a bottle of Hendricks :) I didn't think it was any more expensive than any other bottle of booze I buy?

                                                      I have not had a chance to try this cocktail yet. I will try to report back when I do!

                                                      1. re: sedimental

                                                        Funny that he'll pay $300 and a bottle of gin to the winner of their Logo and header contest, but won't splurge $30 for a bottle of Hendricks. Maybe he's hoping they will be so impressed with the site they will send him one :-))

                                                3. Hendricks, lots of ice, cucumber slices, fresh cracked black pepper.

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                                                    At the moment I have been drinking a lot of Cucumber Jalapeno Gimlets.

                                                    45ml Hendrick's Gin
                                                    20ml Gomme
                                                    20ml Lime Juice
                                                    4 thin slices Jalapeno (no seeds)
                                                    5-7.5cm (2-3inches) Fresh Cucumber
                                                    3 Sprigs Cilantro

                                                    Shaken with ice, strained into a rocks glass filled with ice. Refreshing as anything.

                                                  2. Gin Buck [in highball glass]:

                                                    2 shots of gin [preferably one you wouldn't die penniless if you drank it regularly]
                                                    Half of fresh lime or lemon squeezed (into glass)
                                                    Fill glass with ice (and shake)
                                                    Top off with ginger ale ....

                                                    Great summer drink out here in the flyover zone!

                                                    1. Take Hendrick's gin and fill a short cocktail glass 1/2" from the top with ice. Fill the glass with Hendrick's gin to an inch from the top of the glass. Place a 1/2 inch of Solerno (blood orange Liquor) on top. Take wedge of orange and 3 thin slices of cucumbers cut in half. Add a few shakes of Regan's Orange Bitters. Stir vigerously or shake in a cocktail shaker. I am a Bourbon drinker, but I have to say this is my favorite cocktail. I hate gin but I love Hendrick's.