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Apr 6, 2007 12:51 PM

Video: Holy Thursday at Dooky Chase's

I know there's a lot of interest in Dooky Chase's around NO and the whole country.

I shot this video with food writer Lorin Gaudin yesterday at the special Holy Thursday event. It also includes Poppy Tooker, John Folse (whose crew staffed the kitchen and service), and of course Leah herself.

Video lives at this YouTube address:

and, at somewhat highter quality, on Lorin's page on our site here:

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  1. There are also some stills on for those who can't download videos.

    And doesn't it feel good to see Gumbo z'herbs and her smile?

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    1. re: shallots

      Tangentially related: Ms. Leah inspired me to think about peppergrass, a traditional ingredient in gumbo z'herbes/vert. So I did some digging, and with the help of TU's herbarium & everybody's-favorite-LSU-horticulturalist Dan Gill, I learned that peppergrass is known by the botanical name Lepidium's all over the place, an extremely common weed that likes disturbed soil. I saw a bumper crop growing along Carrollton Ave near the interstate, near the now-torn-down Piccadilly shopping center. Also saw plenty of it growing along the streetcar tracks uptown. Anyway, clear ID photos abound on the web, if you're curious or want to pick some. It's supposedly better before it flowers, like most things in the Brassicacae family (broccoli, etc).